Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On the Floor

My sadness over Kama is unwavering. In so many ways, I have barely dealt with my many heartbreaking emotions. My grief lies just below the surface and at any moment is ready to spill over and roll down my face.  I cry over her at some point every single day...and sometimes multiple times a day. I miss her so very much and can't seem to believe I am actually existing without her.   

My only saving grace in this arena ~ is Rainey. I thank her a million times a day for walking into my life. She had some awfully big paws to fill and she has done the most amazing job. I thank her for not only being there for me, but for Dave and for Aviana.

As you know, part of Aviana's program is to be flat on the floor as much of the day as possible. She doesn't like it and cries. Rainey feels awful when Aviana cries. At first, she stands right by her and gives me dirty, yet concerned looks as she cannot seem to figure out why on earth I would just leave her to cry. 

Once she realizes I can't or won't pick her up, she lays down next to her, just like Kama would. Aviana immediately stops crying. During her floor time, Rainey is her sole source of love and comfort. 

For that, I am so thankful.

This is one of her looks. She is silently asking me why I am so mean.

She looks like she is saying, "Don't worry Avi, I am here for you."

Rainey later adjusted.

As I walked from our room down the hall, this is what I saw.

Rainey is so eerily similar to Kama. In so many ways, she could actually be Kama and I don't mean in a dogs are similar to other dogs way. I mean in a Rainey embodies Kama kind of way. I will give you some examples in another post...


  1. What a special dog! It brought tears to my eyes to see the compassion and love Rainey has for Aviana. I can see why you love Kama and Rainey so much. I think Rainey has filled those shoes very well indeed!

  2. How sweet! The bonds our pets have with us is something one can't really put into words. I'm happy they have each other. I'm mostly homebound from an auto-immune disease and my Boxer & Pit are the joy in every day. I had a bull mastiff as well but she passed suddenly of cancer on my 26th birthday ( in '08). There are songs I still can't listen to because I just lose it. so sorry for the loss of Kama.
    Completely off topic but I love the color of your floors.
    Take care,

  3. God bless Rainey!

    And, on a side note, you have amazingly clean floors!


  4. I love how Rainy is so protective over Aviana. She is so in tune with her, so connected. Dogs are just such amazing creatures. They can tell when someone in their "pack" needs them.

  5. I love labs! My yellow lab died in 1998 and I still miss her sweet face and velvety ears. I understand your grief over Kama.
    You might have addressed this before but why does Avi need to lay on the floor so much? Also, have you considered contacting the special services department at your local school district? Avi is eligible for free preschool services (OT/PT/Communication/ academic). They will either come to your house for homebound instruction or will transport her to a specialized school. By the way, I love your blog and especially your dear Aviana. She's so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.
    You are truly a gifted writer.

  6. I want to give that girl a kiss~ BOTH of them! :)