Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Cures All

Aviana is doing much better in her stander today. I think it is because it is pouring rain outside, some windows are opened and she loves looking at all the Halloween decorations.

She's mine....she's definitely mine ; )


  1. Wow how great! hope she gets super strong! I love all those pie's! yes i have seen that movie and love the way she names the pies.

  2. Her stander is so much better and mor functional than the metal contraption my son has.

  3. i love avi's new torture tool!!! she was DEFINITELY PO'd in those first pictures. - but it looks like she is adjusting to it now :)

    i can totally see the potential of this aparatus! both in making her stronger and learning to stand on her own, AND giving her a different viewing perspective. looks like you could put it in different places so she can see different things!

    TOTALLY LOVED your pies!!! yummmmmm!!

    miss u guys! hope you are enjoying the first days of fall

    <3 j

  4. She looks so good and tall!