Monday, October 10, 2011


We finally decided on a modified program and put ink to paper. Our new day is much more manageable and most importantly, more enjoyable. This is what our revised daily program looks like...I apologize in advance for all of the terrible phone photos :o)

We have also decided to take the weekends off from patterning too. We are all adjusting well to this new program. 

In other news, we did start her on a new device called a VKE. Gary has been busy building this new piece of therapy equipment. It is an adjustable stander. I know it looks like a torture chamber, but it should help her greatly. She starts in an inclined position and then we gradually move it week by week until we arrive in a vertical position. We then begin removing one strap at a time. With each new move, Aviana is gaining strength and having to bear more weight on her own. 

The pictures below are when we had just put her in for the first time. You can tell she is both skeptical and pissed. You would think by now Aviana and I would be used to the revolving door of new equipment. We both take on the same attitude when each new device rolls on in. I try to hide my feelings and only let them escape out of ear shot of Aviana, but hers are written all over her face...

"Daddy. Seriously. What the heck are you doing to me?"

"If I scrunch my face up a little more with disgust, will you stop with the straps?"

"When all else fails, just close your eyes and go to a happy place."

Aviana is to do three thirty minute sessions a day. She was wiped out after her first day!


  1. Aviana looks so pissed.

    Love and miss you bunches!

  2. I think so, too. But I'd probably feel the same way if you velcroed me to anything.

  3. I am so glad that the new schedule is manageable for you guys. The standing device looks like it will be a good addition. I love the mad faces, but at the same time ~poor thing! :)

  4. Oh wow, she looks so angry but at the same time this new schedule is amazing! What a relief, every little bit counts.



  5. That is one heck of a stink eye! Hopefully this new addition helps her gain the strength that needs. Your schedule sounds like it is much more manageable, too!