Monday, October 10, 2011


I was a waitress, cocktail waitress and bartender through high school and college. These were some of the best days of my life. Of all the jobs I have held in my life, I miss the restaurant work most! I actually have visions of going back to waiting tables or bartending.

I promise, I mean...I think I am going somewhere with this :o)

I have been really into baking this past year or so. It makes me happy and has a way of making all the sadness fall away. Before though, we never had time. So with our Honeymoon and modified program, there has been more time to whip some stuff up lately. Nothing has been off limits. We have made cookies, breads, cakes, bars of every sort, cupcakes, and much more. We have been eating so much dessert and decided we better slow down. The urge to create has never subsided though, so I thought it a great idea to watch one of my very favorite movies to try to satisfy my baking urge, rather than make more dessert that we will inevitably have to ~ at least try ~ before giving it away to our neighbors.  

Well, it didn't work...we watched Waitress and all I wanted to do was make pies, pies, and more pies. Keep in mind, we have never in our lives made a pie from scratch before, but suddenly thought it the best idea ever. We were super proud of our pies.

If you haven't seen the movie, the waitress makes pies and names them all kinds of crazy names. These are just a few of her creations....

I Don't Want Earl's Baby Pie

I Hate My Husband Pie

Car Radio Pie

Baby Screaming its Head Off in the Middle of the Night and Ruining My Life Pie

Earl Murders Me Because I Am Having An Affair Pie

Spanish Dancer Pie

Pregnant, Miserable, Self Pitying Loser Pie

Lonely Chicago Pie

In light of her super creative names, we thought Dutch Apple Pie was much too boring and decided to name ours something great.  We are both very sad about Steve Jobs and are so thankful to him for all of our great devices, especially our Apple TV. We decided to name our pies in honor of him...

Apple iPie in the Sky

Jen's a Cuckoonut Cream Pie

Yes, this picture is cropped for two reasons ~

1. We ate a piece, so I didn't want to show you the whole pie.

2. I didn't realize coconut cream pies require extra love, patience and attention and decided to make it with a time deadline in the near future. It was SO GOOD, but just not the perfect consistency. 

Live and learn ; )


  1. That Cukoonut pie looks yummy............. :)

  2. If Christian had been a girl, I was going to name him Lucila just so I could have a little girl I could call Lulu like in the movie.

    Love the pies. I was in a pie frenzy last month with peach raspberry crumb pie and peach pear crumb pie. Why not just peach? Because my mother in law would come over and eat all my peaches so I always had to get a fill in. And I, too, seriously have to chill with the baking. It's getting ridiculous but I just can't stop. Happy baking!

  3. Perfect names for the pies! I loved that movie too although I've only seen it once. I love to bake when I get stressed but I don't like anything I make....except my Rice Krispie Treats which I am officially cured of. I think anytime you vomit something so violently you don't want to eat it ever again. What pie crust recipe did you use? Norm found this cool bulk dry pie crust where you just add water and it's AMAZING!!!

  4. OMG, those pies look delicious! But, I stopped reading at actually bake bread? Bread (or actually toast) is my favorite food, especially if it's made from good bread, not cheap white bread.

  5. The pies look delicious! They look like they could be in a magazine. I have never seen that movie, I will have to put it on my list to see sometime. :)