Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Sorry

Dear Blog ~

I know I haven't been coming around as much, and I'm sorry. I know you think I have found another, but it's just not true, well sort of. I promise it was just a temporary thing. My expiration date with the other is tonight at midnight, and then, I will be back!

I just figured I had been beating on you too much, and you needed a break from my sad, sad, happy, sad, hopeful story. In being with me, your mind must be chaotic. I just wonder how you do it? How you have kept it together? Through everything? The other avenue briefly took your place, and I am sorry for that! But please trust me when I say, I was constantly coming back to you, in reference! I swear to you! You have such a unique way of remembering the many important, or not so important, things I forget.

With this other, I had to really focus my attention, and put all of the pieces together at once. Do you know how hard that was, to put all these 616+ parts together? Believe me when I say, I prefer to just have you as my constant source of love, and support. I always know you are there, just sitting, and waiting for me. Please know, I appreciate it!

With you, there are no rules. No regulations. You don't judge me by the way I write, and you don't even care what style I choose to put you in. To you, it makes no difference if I am making sense, or not. You don't even mind when I veer off into a never-ending just go with it, you go with me! When I make a mistake, you realize what I am going through, and turn the other way. I admire you for that. You love me for me, and nothing else. Oh Blogger, you complete me!

I just felt I had to, and wanted to, explore my other options. It was fun, and thoroughly exhausting, all at the same time, but I'm done, well as of midnight tonight...

It will again, truly be, just you, me and Avi, okay?

I {heart} you!

P.S. You just had to bring up the Oprah letter, didn't you?


  1. Good luck with your midnight deadline. Are you going to let all us faithful followers know when and where we may find your published masterpiece. Love ya girl.

  2. Okay, I must have missed a post. What are you writing? What deadline? Why don't I know about this? I feel like a bad follower :(

  3. Jen, Jen, Jen. I love you. I'm so sorry you think you have to apologize to anyone on this Earth, cause you DON'T!!! You are still an inspiration to me :)

  4. (pppstttt....Jen....u r talking to a log kept on a website...ya know...a need a break luv???)

    I pinky-promise I will not even whisper to another soul that you are talking to your computer...or worse yet..apologising to it :) swear i won't.

    Did it feel 'good' to talk to your blog? should I talk to mine? oh my heck...maybe mine feels left out! Maybe I am the one that is abnormal?!

    Oh vey. Off to hold my blog's hand and give it some ice cream. Do you think it's mad at me????