Monday, July 4, 2011

More About You Monday

This one is simply because I haven't quite posted enough today. Ha! I'm just kidding, it's because I forgot it was Monday!

Since I think you've heard enough from me today, I'm going to hold off on my answer from last week's question until tomorrow  ;o)


Can you tell me any 5 to 10 things about yourself, including what you did over the holiday weekend?


  1. Gina DiBlasio DykeJuly 5, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    I can tell you, but will I regret it??? Yikes!

    1. Born in Minnesota. Moved to Illinois, to Cali, back to Illinois, then back to Cali...

    2. Terrified of heights but went skydiving, twice!

    3. Hung out with Jerry Rice and some other players when the Niners were at Sierra College and I worked at one of the only restaurants in Rocklin at the time.

    4. Have 5 adopted cousins from all different races and countries

    5. Said, "Oh my gosh, I think he's going to be in my class!" to someone I met at the 4th of July BBQ, while I was holding a margarita!

    6. All weekend long, "What's the head count?" for watching the kids in the pools, cuz I'm nervous!

    7. "I guess I can't handle all the citrus." after two nights of margaritas that ended with horrible indigestion and nausea. Clearly the tequila can't be to blame...:)

  2. 1. Born in England, moved to the states when I was 1

    2. I don't eat sushi

    3. I have ticklish knees

    4. Hate scary movies.. Too stressful

    5. Was engaged to a Jeff years ago before meeting and marrying my husband, Jeff ... eek

    6. Squoze in a trip to the beach and patterned a boat-load on the 4th

    7. I too have spider veins :(

    -Fi's mama

  3. 1. Born in Digby, Nova Scotia
    2. Had an awesome childhood
    3. Have the best daughter and the best step kids
    4. Wish everyone could find their soul mate like I did
    5. Hang out with my step kids mom on a reg. basis
    6. Am getting married overlooking Niagara Falls next Sept where we got engaged
    7. Listened to my mom as to what to do with my education and it has paid off everyday
    8. Have accepted the fact that I won't be having any more children
    9. Have a prolactin secreting pituitary tumor which is actually scarier sounding than what it is
    10. Stayed to my mom and dad's with my fiance and our 4 kids and got to see all my siblings/sibling in laws, nephews, and some of my greatest friends, went swimming, fishing, lots of great food and fireworks:)

  4. 1. I believe in the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit
    2. I am addicted to Starbucks & your blog ;)
    3. I worry ALL the time, if I'm not worrying, I worry that I am not worrying!
    4. I <3 my family
    5. Some days I seriously lack patience
    6. I LOVE to see my man in uniform

    For the 4th I BBQ'd with my kiddos and attempted to light fireworks while keeping the dog from chasing and eating them.... It was a great time!


  5. 1) I love outdoor showers. There is an outdoor shower at our vacation house here in Cape Cod and I LOVE it.
    2) When I lived in London, I was on the British version of Candid Camera. I have it on tape, and need to get it transferred to DVD so I can eventually upload it!
    3) I hate flying and am generally drunk or medicated during a flight; except when I am pregnant or alone with my kids. It is torture! I can't imagine a worse way to die.
    4) I have a weird obsession with Bill Clinton, and I was once a White House intern. Though I only saw him a handful of times while I was there. It was the year after the whole Monica thing by the way, so I knew I didn't have a chance. :)
    5) I am considering getting a tattoo (I think this will be the subject of tomorrow's blog post!)
    6) I really love trashy reality shows. Teen Mom is a personal favorite. I seriously look forward to the evenings it is on. I also really like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Intervention, and Big Brother.

    4th of July was spent in Provincetown, Cape Cod, with a bunch of gay men (and my husband - not a gay man!). I can't think of a better way to spend the 4th! Too bad the night was cut short since I had to go home and put my kids to bed. But it was worth it. :)

  6. 1. Before Audrey came home I taught 3rd grade at a private school.

    2. Now I homeschool.

    3. Our latest project is glassing in our screen porch. Seems like that's been zapping all of my spare time lately.

    4. I will if I have to, but I don't like riding in elevators.

    5. For the 4th we went to a BBQ pool party.

    6. We popped fireworks when we got home. Original, I know :-)

  7. ok....take TWO.....i just wrote a novel & it bombed out (maybe that was a hint to me to keep it short?!)

    01) i was born and raised in san francisco (and i LOVE my City as much as you love your Tahoe)

    02) i am watching Emeril on HSN and lusting after his deep fryer....

    03) i suffer from selfless-ness disorder

    04) u already know i LOVE love LOVE music

    05) i want to be famous (or infamous?) one day

    06) my favorite number is 9

    07) my youngest sister is the youngest - oldest - only child

    08) i LOVE sleeping but find it very difficult to achieve this pasttime

    09) my favorite foods are chinese & mexican (and i don't mind combining them!)

    10) .....i did it again......i'm at #10 when i thought i'd keep this short!!! i talk (type) too much.....but in real life i tend to be more like the quiet church mouse

    FOURTH OF JULY: we spent the day with friends & family at the FORBES COURT 11TH ANNUAL BLOCK PARTY (including 4 of my grammar school classmates) ......i contributed grilled portugese pork tenderloin, grilled shrimp skewers and margaritas......

  8. I know this is late, sorry. :(
    Over the 4th weekend we were busy! On Friday we went to the beach on Lake Michigan to watch a firework display. It was so relaxing and fun. On Saturday my mom had a picnic at her house with some family. We grilled out and let off our own fireworks. On Monday we went to the small town parade where we grew up and then went to Matt's mom's house for a picnic. Later that night we had my mom and sister's family over to our house to watch our neighborhood go crazy with their own firework displays. So let's see, that would be fireworks, picnic, fireworks, picnic, fireworks. :)
    I will have to write 5 things about myself later when I have more time!