Friday, July 8, 2011

Outside Looking In

I sometimes visualize myself from an outsiders point of view,

Especially when I am shopping.

I am surrounded in people who have never before set eyes upon me.

I have a ponytail in my hair,

Glitter on my face,

A coffee in one hand,

A few shopping bags in the other,

And I am genuinely happy.

I smile and making small talk with the cashiers at various stores.

I look carefree,


As though I haven't a worry in the world.

I feel free.

In this place where no one knows me,

Or my story.

I stare at myself,  and in that single moment, I can't help but think, when we look at others, we often times have an entirely skewed perspective of what their lives are really like!

It is amazing to me. And it's not that I just discovered this for the first time, it's just that, because of our circumstance, more light is able to shine down on this very important fact.


  1. Truly beautiful. You are an amazing writer!

  2. I think that is ver freeing, you can be your old self, or maybe this self but without all the reality. My cousin hads went thru infertility and just finally got pregnant but delieverd at 21 weeks. She got to hold her daughter while she lived for 41 minutes. People don't know how to act around someone who is still grieving 3 months later, she don't know how to act because of her grief. They went away ove the date that should have been her due date. I think thats the best thing sometimes, go where people don't know you, you can act however you want and kno one knows whats happened, no one looks at you different or wonders how to act, its like a mini vacation, even though the reality is still there.