Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Wedding

 We got married overlooking Lake Tahoe. It was absolutely beautiful!

My Boys!

My sweet little nephew, who just graduated high school last week. How does that happen?

Everybody has at least one cheezeball wedding pose, right?

I love this picture of my brother and I. When music is turned on, this sums up our relationship! 

This was one of my proudest moments...ever!!!

Teaching my cute little nephew how to dance ;o)

Yes, that would be me, on the ground, in my wedding dress! It was the shoes, always the shoes...or was it the many shots of tequila? Maybe a combination of the two?


  1. I love how you have a look of unabashed, pure joy in each and every picture. Thank you for FINALLY posting!!!!

  2. I didn't think I ever missed a day of checking in on you, but there are lots of new posts and amazing pictures so I guess I did. Loved all the pics! Totally agree about North Tahoe! You two were and are a adorable couple! Happy 4th!


  3. Do you remember what we did to your room?

    Love you Cuz,

    Steve Remedios

  4. awesome to see the (of course) were a beautiful bride! dave was a handsome youngun too! .....and i think renewing your vows is a most awesome idea!!!!!!

  5. YOU FELL AT YOUR WEDDING??!! oh no you didn't!!! hahahahahaha

    Your wedding looks like it was pretty much a complete blast. I will forgive you for not inviting me since you did not know me then :) (snicker)

    Ya'll and Lake Tahoe are SERIOUSLY intertwine aren't cha??!!! mercifulheavenstobetsy!!! luv it!!!

    ((okay Jen Followers...I guess we can remove the threat of blog boycott now...She posted pics :))


  6. Wait, wha? You are renewing your vows? OR you did? Why am I lost? sheesh u are IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with SS!

    (we renewed our 10 yr vows in the Red Rock Nevada dessert...just the two of us...and a minister, a limo, and a photographer :)

  7. Aaaawwwwww... ya'll are SO cute!

    Looks like you had a beautiful,joyful wedding!

    Thanks for posting the pics!

  8. Happy Anniversary!

    Sue & Mark

  9. Such beautiful wedding pictures. You were a gorgeous bride and looked so happy!