Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My mom was hoping and praying Aviana would work on the FC Board while she was here. I had my doubts. Aviana says, "I am not a circus animal, and I do not perform in front of people!" That is unless she wants to show off, or prove someone wrong. That someone is often times me, and is usually done at The Institute's. I think she actually takes pride in letting the staff know that I don't always know what I am talking about :o)

Over a week ago, my mom came over, and we decided to give the FC Board a try. I wasn't counting on anything, for the above reasons, but also because the few attempts I had made in recent days, ended with her putting her hand on NO, and STOP.

We had just given her a bath, so we decided to let her pick out her outfit. We give her choices only to keep ourselves on track. She can type whatever she wants. These are the questions we asked her....

Question: What do you want to wear?

Choices: Skirt, Dress, Shorts, Pants, Other

Answer: She typed P A N T S right away. 

I simply included pants, because I couldn't think of anything else. It was in the upper 90's that day, and I could never have guessed she would choose that! We put her pants on right away.

Question: What color shirt do you want to wear?

Choices: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Other

Answer: She typed M I N T right away. I stopped, and was thoroughly confused. I said, "Mint?" My mom whispered, "I think I know what she is trying to say...Minnie." My impatience had allowed me to break a rule of the FC Board. I thought she was done, but really, she wasn't.  I then apologized, and asked Aviana to finish her word. She typed, N I E.

My mom was right. She typed M I N N I E. The T was right below the N, and she even corrected herself when I asked her to keep going. Again, I never expected that in a million years. We put one of her Minnie Mouse shirts on right away.

Question: What is your favorite thing in your room?

Choices: Lamby, Butterflies, Bed, Turtle, Other

Answer: She typed T Y R T L E. The Y was close to the U. 

I actually knew the answer to this one. She has a turtle that lights stars all over her ceiling. We turn it on for her each night after we tuck her in. She loves it!

Question: Who is your favorite person who comes to the house?

Choices: Nana, Papa, Roger, Daddy, Other

Answer: She typed D A D D Y right away. 

I love when she has to type an A because she has to stretch to reach it. The way she does this is by reaching her finger, and lifting her knee at the same time. By doing these two things simultaneously, she can make contact with the A. Feeling her reach for the A is one of the most amazing feelings ever!

Question: What do you want to do now?

Choices: Nana hold you, Lunch, Nails, Read books, Other

Answer: I kept holding her hand, but she would not answer. From the Kama experience, I knew what to say to her. I told her to just type whatever she wanted to. If she wanted to go somewhere, she could type that, too. Right after I said that, she typed C O S T C O.

I was in shock, and in love! A girl after my very own heart. I happily obliged. I called Dave, and he was so happy to hear. He came home early, and we left to Costco, at our girl's request! 

She is very picky about when she wants to do the board, and when she doesn't. It makes perfect sense though, I am sure it takes a great amount of energy to do it. We have tried many other times since then, and have either gotten, NO, STOP, or nothing at all. 

I am just really thankful for what we have gotten thus far ;o)

Many have asked how she knows how to spell. For over 18 months, we have been working with her on her reading program. In that time, we have shown her thousands of single words, and couplets. We have also shown her hundreds of books, sentences, and bits of information.

All that, and because she's a smarty pants ;o)


  1. That is amazing. Smarty pants indeed!! Wanna come teach my first graders to read Avi and Jen.

  2. That is great! Avi is a little smarty pants. You should be very proud parents because most 6 year olds can't spell that well. I would love to see a video of her doing the FC board. -- Teri from Missouri

  3. I would say that it's unbelievable but she IS your child so it's really quite "normal"! She's your girl alright, controlling her parents and even making her daddy come home from work early to go shopping, lol!!! I agree with Teri, I want to see her cute little leg and finger reaching to type the A.

  4. She certainly is, just look at her devoted parents! What an uplifting end to an already lovely day, thanks for sharing! :)


  5. I think it is so amazing and such a gift, a way of communication. I know she should do all the motor movements, but do they ever think about using the ones where they just have to look at the letter with their eye's so that she could speak to you easier and quicker? I don't knwo what its called just that I've seen it used before.

  6. Would love to see video too. What an amazing thing and such a pay off from all the hard work.

  7. We love that little smarty pants! She is so wonderful and I'm so glad she has a way to express herself! xoxoxo
    Fi's mama

  8. aviana is such an inspiration, as are you and your family. definitely would love to see a video!

  9. So amazing to read this!! She's definitely a smarty pants :)

  10. I'd love to see her do this, too! She is an amazing girl, Jen. Any normal kid her age that could spell words like that would be advanced. Avi has made incredible progress. I am so glad that she has a way to communicate with you now!

  11. I LOVE THE FC BOARD!!! :)
    So amazed at your little girl.