Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweetie Pie

I have saved up way too many pictures lately. Brace yourself, I am going to purge them...


The Stare Down

Do you see something wrong with this picture?

She rests her head on the window sill ;o)

I was crying my eyes out to my brother about Kama the other day, and in the midst of boo hooing, I caught a glance of this, outside! It was kind of weird, she was just staring back through the window at me. She brightens my day, in every way. 

What a goof!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love love LOVE these pictures! Aviana looks beautiful. She looks like she is holding her head up so well! Also, I should say, your love of Kama (and Rainey) has made me want to appreciate the time with our dog, Couscous, more. She is by far a daddy's girl, and has fallen to the wayside a bit since I've had kids. But her love is unending. That's what's so amazing about dogs. :)
    Also, I love your wedding pics. I went to Tahoe back in 2001, and haven't been back since. It's making me want to return!