Monday, July 11, 2011

More About You Monday

You guys left me the best way possible. Thank you for your love, protection, thought provoking words, and above all, your kindness. It is no wonder I keep coming back for more. With you, is right where I need to be ;o) No words can appropriately express the way you all made me feel.
Thank you!

❤ ❤ ❤

I loved every moment of reading more about you. Thank you for answering!

I wasn't planning on answering my question from last week. I figured you all know enough about me, but once again, I feel there needs to be light, to counteract the dark, so here goes, light, not dark ; )

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

I always seem to accidentally wear white to mexican food, or sushi. For a person who spills, that's a problem.

When Dave and I get separated in a store, I like to watch him look around for me for a few minutes before I chase him down. I think it's funny.

 Dave's brother is one of my very favorite people on earth, and while we were celebrating Aviana's 3rd birthday in the hospital, he handed us a Chinese Fighting Fish, and said, "a fighter, for a fighter." I am crying now, just thinking about it. I know you never knew about this family member, but I make a point of spending time with him everyday. He is very sweet, when I come up to his bowl, he is excited to see me, or maybe he wants to kill me, and I am not reading the signs very well. I don't know.

I stop for cows. I love them, especially their eye's. If they are on the side of the road, I feel I need to be, too. You can find lots of pictures like these in my library...

"Hey man, what's that crazy girl doing over their with the grass in her hand? Can I go eat it?"

This is one of my all time favorites. He wanted to be friends, but was kind of scared. I kept telling him, "I won't hurt you, I love you."

Salt is my life, my life is salt. I stopped eating added salt for the past 7 months due to my headaches. It hasn't worked, so I am slowly going back to my old ways. McDonald's has the best salt because it sticks, and doesn't bounce.

I am proud of my parallel parking skills.

I am a sucker for homeless people. I like talking to them, and giving them food, money, whatever. While I hope the money goes to something productive, I don't care if they are making more money than I am, or if the money I am giving them is going to support their crack habit. It's what they feel they need, so I do it anyway. It makes me happy to help. Homeless people with dogs send me over the edge. I am so happy they have each other, but am so sad when the dog is skinny, and hungry. For this reason, I carry a secret stash of dog treats under the driver's seat of my car.

Every time I clean a knife, I have vivid visions of myself at the ER.

The sound of a new text message makes me smile, and I love to hear the clicks of the keyboard as I send one back.

No matter where I am, or what I am doing, this song makes me drop everything, and break out in dance. Not breakdance. Break out in dance. By myself. With Dave. With Rainey. You know who loves to dance the most? Aviana. She is thrilled when I scoop her up, and dance her all over the house.

There ~ enough light to counteract the dark! Well, with the exception of the vivid ER visions!


We've been on an ice cream kick lately. It's getting out of control, and we both agree, it needs to stop. Last night was our first night without, in about a month. Today, I feel shaky.

What is your favorite ice cream, including brand?

I just realized this is not the best question when trying to kick a habit, oh well...


  1. There's a huge pasture behind my house. The landowner used to rent out to cattle owners. There were cows there for as long as I can remember. They were Brahma's which are the whitish grey ones with the hump on their back. (My husband and I bought my grandparents house, which I was raised in, so I've lived here my whole life except from ages 19-22.)

    They are peaceful to watch. My daughter always wanted them to come close to our fence but they were skittish and wouldn't come. She wanted to pet them so bad. She would hold out grass, branches with leaves on them, pecans from our tree, and talk sweet to them hoping to lure them closer. I felt so bad for her that I ended up putting some Captain Crunch cereal in a shovel and sticking that through the electric wire fence. The whole time I was so nervous hoping that the cow wouldn't be traumatized too much from the sugar. She got to touch one briefly on the top of the head. We never fed them again but after that they'd come much closer to the fence I guess hoping that we would.

    Now they are leasing to sheep. They're cute but I preferred the cows.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be about ice cream. My favorite is Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk. It is chocolate ice cream with chocolate pieces, white chocolate pieces, walnuts, pecans, and chocolate covered almonds.

    Butter pecan is my second favorite.

    And pretty much any kind with caramel on top.

    I need to stop now.

  2. I love the cows too.......there are tons of them on the backroads I travel to & from work.......and I do talk to them too

    Ahhhhhhh ice I love thee, let me count the flavors.....
    ...there's WHITEY'S in davenport ia ....I always have STRWABERRY there
    ...and RITA'S in allentown pa ....well it's ITALIAN ICE with FROZEN CUSTARD but I think that should count too!
    ....and I used to spend many hours hanging out at BUD'S in san francisco as a teen -- my favorite then was TIN ROOF SUNDAE with all the peanuts and caramel and chocolate ....yum!
    ....COLD STONE seems to be everywhere ....and ALL the flavors you can create....I love BUTTERFINGERS mixed with SWEET CREAM
    .....and good ol' BEN & JERRY'S .....NY SUPER FUDGE, CHUNKY MONKEY, COOKIE DOUGH.....
    But my ALL TIME FAVORITE....any time any place ice cream VANILLA! ( I know....boring!)

  3. Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby is AMAZING. It's salty and sweet perfection.

    Burr's Fountain's {in East Sac} mint chip is good, too - in a different way :-)

  4. I grew up down the street from Vic's Ice Cream in Sacramento and right now my favorite is lemon chiffon. It brings back good memories of my grandmother as it was her favorite too. I also love Baskin Robbin's pralines 'n cream. Since both are so high in fat content, I don't get those very often. Every so often I get the coconut frozen yogurt from Topps Yogurt in Rocklin.


  5. I grew up in Solvang, out in the country. There was a pasture behind of that was fenced in to contain a herd of Black Angus and there were many, most of the time. They're gorgeous animals, but I did not love them. Before they were there, it was trees and a little stream.

    As for ice cream, I'm not sure I've met one I didn't like, but my favorite most of the time is peppermint with a dark chocolate ribbon. My new love is Frozen Yogurt and I love Pina Colada Tart.


  6. Thrifty's mint n' chip. MMMMMMM. Has been my favorite since I was a kid and there was a thrify's ice cream within walking distance from my house. It is now a Right Aid but thank God here in Arizona they sell Thrifty's at the water and ice stores.

  7. I am behind a few Mondays.

    We have totally been on an ice cream kick too!!

    We have been getting the Dairy Queen buster bar box. I love them, but my favorite ice cream is just vanilla made by ValpoVelvet. It is a local dairy that has been in the business for generations. So good!