Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It appears I have misrepresented someone in my family. I have only shown pictures of the destruction she has caused. I am only writing this because it has been brought to my attention so many times, and then I am back peddling, and explaining how wonderful she is, and how perfect she is, and how everything she is...

Rainey Days is the best dog we could have asked for. I thought it was funny, so I posted some of her chaos and disorder photos, but those two (remote control, twig things, and patterning table) were her only work. She has never torn anything else up in this house, and has been a perfect angel, even being left for up to 7 hours unattended.

I feel someone was really looking out for us when they selected her for us. She is the best dog, and puppy I have ever before laid eyes on. Yes, Kama was much more of a terror than her. Any day of the week.

I'm sorry Rainey...I hope you forgive me :o)

That's the thing about dogs, she doesn't care, and she probably thinks it's funny, and she still loves me!

"Avi, is it true? Did Mommy really write that about me?"

"Mommy did you really post all those pictures?"

"Come on Avi, just talk to me, just this once?"

"Wow Mom! I don't think you should put any pictures of me on your blog, nobody wants to see me, they only want to see Aviana."

** She's just kidding. She doesn't even mind, and wants every picture of her posted! **


  1. Look at that glossy coat and bright eyes... She is so beautiful! My children are more destructive than your puppy! x

  2. Aww such a pretty dog! :) big animal lover here :)

  3. Pretty girl. Pretty dog. You have a beautiful family!

  4. I want one!
    When our lab was a puppy he ate carpet and chewed through a bed mattress while it was on the bed. :)
    He was staying at my future in-laws at the time. They never knew about the mattress, we just flipped it over. :)