Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's Been Going On

We are officially one month out from the end of our Honeymoon. I am already getting sad. This is definitely something I could get used to. Although I will be dragging my feet in the beginning, I will probably be ready to start when the time finally comes...at least that's what I keep telling myself :o)

While we have been busy, I really have had a hard time seeing Aviana just sit around. In our down time, it really affects me deeply. All that we are not doing for her, becomes glaringly apparent!

I wanted to provide a little update on what we have been doing, and how far along we are on the goals we had set at the beginning of this time.

Aviana is to pick out her clothes for the day.

She has done a really good job of this. Sometimes though, I am in a hurry, and bypass this step, but when I have given her the opportunity, she usually always takes it!

Aviana is to work on being re-potty trained.

This has been her greatest area of improvement. I remember while we were in the hospital and after we came home, I thought, I can see her walking, etc, but for some reason, never being potty trained again. I was wrong, and it is quite the opposite. She has done so amazingly well in this area. Most times, she holds it until we take her. The times she has gone in her diaper, are mostly because we hadn't taken her when we were supposed to. She's like, "Come on guys, I'm doing my part, what's up with YOU!"

When we feed, and give her water, we make sure to tell her, "Hold your pee girl, just wait until we are done feeding you to go, okay." And she does, it is truly one of the most amazing things. I don't know exactly why I am so fascinated, but I am ;o)

Time for us to get everything in order.

We are doing a fairly good job in this area, too. We have all been working on the various components to get this party started, once again. Although I have to say, when sitting down to get the parts in place, I get very sad for the impending work your butt off to no end date!

Removal of the feeding tube.

If my math serves me correctly, we haven't used the feeding tube in about 5 months. We have to baby the site for a little while, and then we are going to say a BIG good riddance to it! I also never thought I would see this day, either. With the removal, we will probably lose all of our nursing hours as well, so we need to plan accordingly for that, too.

The process of removing a Bard button is extremely painful, and I have never seen Aviana scream that loud before. She yelled so hard, she literally cracked the sides of her mouth. It was heart wrenching! I am so not looking forward to that, but also can't wait at the very same time!

Bring on the white shirts!

Work on the FC Board.

Aviana had some really good streaks on the board, and then decided she didn't want to do it anymore. The last time we had success was when Dave asked her why she doesn't smile. She typed can't. So sad. We will just hold onto the few times she has in the past, and find comfort in knowing maybe she would, if she could : )

We have tried many sessions and she either goes to NO, STOP, or doesn't do anything. I much prefer her sassy, little attitude when she tells me the first two!

Rest and Relax. Out and About.

Yes, we have had our fair share of this, and it has felt so good. We have been taking her to the lake, swimming, the fair, merry go round, mall, movies, dinners, park, Costco (no, that's not just an errand to us, but entertainment ;o), etc. We have also done quite a bit of lounging around the house ; )

Weekend Away.

We have not done this yet, but went to A Perfect Circle, and then will be going to Gary Allan before we know it. Dave and I so need this though, just the two of us, so we should get this in before it's over.

We are however, all going to Washington for my little cousin's wedding soon. While we are up there, we are going to also take a ferry over to Victoria, Canada. I am really excited, because we will have the opportunity to get Aviana away, and also spend some much needed time with my family.


Yeah!! Done.

So overall, we have, and will continue to soak up all of what this time was supposed to be for us. We have truly appreciated every single moment we have had. We have had much more time to appreciate each other, and especially Aviana. We can love on her all day long if we want, and don't feel we should be doing anything else. While I wish it could stay this way, I am happy it won't, because we have got to get back to our work of getting this little sweetie better!

I know this has been ridiculously long, and that was not my intention when I started. I meant to come on, and share some of our Honeymoon in pictures, but then figured I should also explain.

Actually, this is good for now, and I will be back later with all of the pictures :o)


  1. Why can't they sedate her to remove the button? poor girl.
    Thats really cool about the potty training!
    Too bad you weren't coming ot the est side of the state. I used to live ont he west side but not anymore. We could ahve put her on Shorty Maya's pony. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon time.

  2. Ditto! I had a baby who had both a Bard and a Mickey. Can't they put her out briefly to remove it? It does hurt! They made me leave the room, but they forgot to tell me to plug my ears. :(

    Thanks for the updates.

  3. I remember Mom saying how Avi was so good at "holding it" during preschool. I'm not surprised that she's mastering it again. Go Avi!