Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Surprise

My friend's mom still lives in Tahoe, too. This morning she looked over the deck railing and saw this cute guy in the lake looking back at her...

I just had to share! Just another reason why I miss Tahoe so much!


  1. I didn't live that far up, but when we were in Clipper Gap we had a nice visit from a bear. It meandered up to our porch, pooped on a pair of shoes I left out, and then took my goat as a snack. We ended up with a big Fish & Game trap and tags, but luckily the bear was smart and stayed away.

    I still feel for the bears, though. They didn't take our home, we took theirs.

  2. Aaaaaah, this picture is so refreshing. Not sure why, given that I would have also sh*& my pants, but there is something beautiful about it. Man, I've got to get myself back to Tahoe one of these days! You are inspiring me!

  3. CUTE? We are calling a massively large, hugely clawed, very close to a human CUTE?



  4. Amazing. What an incredible place!


  5. He is so cute! I love bears.

  6. Cute yes but I'm not a fan of bears that can eat me, which is all of them. I know we took their home but they stillf reak me out. When we camp now we have a camp trailer, I am not sleeping in a zip lock baggie/tent so that the bears can come ohave a snack. My husband would just sleep out under the stars next to the fire.

  7. The water looks so clear and refeshing and WOW!