Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Been Going On

A little Angry Birds.

Daddy~Doggy Stare Downs.

Pampering of the nails.


A little snuggle by the fireplace.

Enjoying each others company.

A little game of 'Where in the world is Rainey.'

Oh, there she is.

Her favorite new game ~ 'Let's see how much of a mess I can make with a single newspaper.'

She's out of control.

She's a banshee! She's a banshee! 

The shredding of a newspaper can be so exhausting!

Aviana was crying her eyes out on the floor, and Rainey went over and laid down by her. Aviana immediately stopped. It was such a sweet moment!

I was making my bed yesterday, and felt someone staring at me from out the window.

More floor time. Aviana was doing so well this day ;o)

What a cutie pie.

Avi ~ doing an amazing job trying to keep herself upright, and pull her head up.

All that hard work is exhausting ;o)

They love passing out together.

I try to teach Rainey to be more 'lady like,' but she still doesn't get it.

More napping.

Rainey expending pent up energy ;o)

Aviana rebelling against therapy.

Rainey watching her favorite show.... The Dog Whisperer, of course!

Rainey looking to see if I am getting any bad ideas.

Me, so excited that I learned how to make a bow out of my hair.  

I turned the corner from another room, and this is what I saw.

Yeah, she's got mad skills!

Sorry about the quality of some of these, had to grab the first picture devise around :o)

I'll end with my handsome husband at dinner on Valentine's Day.

From the looks of these pictures, it has been nothing but relaxing, fun and games around here!

Ha Ha, pictures can be so deceiving ;o) ;o) ;o)

I wanted to thank all of you for the nice comments, and well wishes from my O post ;o)

You guys are the best!!!


  1. Thank you for another small glimpse into some of your world. The pictures are so great! You rocked the hair bow or bow hair :) but you are so beautiful, anything would look good. Rainey has such personality, and Aviana is just a beautiful sweetheart. Of course Dave is always right in on the action being a great guy.

  2. I keep thinking i want a second dog, but then I see these pictures, reality is bad with young naughty dogs, although the picture of Rainey and Avi on the counch snuggled up was so cute, very worth it.

  3. Where to begin?

    1. Aviana is SOOOO beautiful!!!! Those eyes! That stubborn look on her face when she's rebelling against therapy is just priceless.

    2. What is it about Angry Birds? I don't get it. Then again I've never played it.

    3. You are so cool that you can do a bow out of your hair! I'm so jealous. Now you can go walk all those red carpets that you've been postponing.... BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Sorry, knew you'd get a laugh out of that one!

    Love you Jen. Keep on having relaxing,lazy, bon-bon eating days, LOL!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow of your hair!!!

    u make life LOOK so easy (i know it's far from that!)

    in just the short time i have been 'watching' avi here on your blog she has grown & progessed - looking through the eyes of a 'stranger' i see the little things that you don't notice in your day-to-day.

    you are all doing an amazing job!!! and that 'breakthrough' that dave mentioned is just around a corner!!! i can 'feel' it

    <3 ~j

    (ps i WISH u were joining our tailgatin on 4/29)

  5. I love these photos -- all of them! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Cuteness all around. I forsee Rainey helping Avi find Easter Eggs in a month or so... :)