Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How We Know

When Aviana is happy, she kicks her legs repeatedly.

She kicks them in the car.

She kicks them on walks.

She kicks them at the mall.

She kicks them at the park.

She kicks them at Costco.

She kicks them in the anti-gravity device.

She sure doesn't kick them during the remainder of her therapy ;o)

I am so thankful for this, a way to know when our baby girl is excited!

Who needs a smile. A smile is overrated.

I am SO kidding. A smile would mean THE WORLD to me!!!!!!

I'll take leg kicks any day of the week though ; ))))))


  1. What a great way to show excitement! I am so happy that she has a way to let you know what she likes. That means so, so much. I am sure that she is smiling inside, even if you can't see it.

  2. Ya know....I have wondered how you can "read" her so well.

    You so often mention 'knowing' her moods and I've always found it so beautiful that you all recognize her body language so well that you can decipher it to know her likes, dislikes, etc.

    Tell us more about how you "read" her! Does she roll her eyes or not make eye contact when mad?

    Does she bat her arms at stuff if she's engaged with it?

    Not trying to be a nosey-nancy ... but you are so real here I don't think you'll mind me asking :)

    And, I solemnly swear...the next time my Aven is kicking her legs during an anger tantrum I WILL think of Aviana and have a better attitude.

    I will use Aviana's kicking legs...just like I "use" you....


  3. I am "wiggling" my toes in excitment that Avi has a way to show us her happiness. Can she kick the Easter Bunny very soon?? My hearbeats are kickin to know that her brain is THERE!!! Smiles are coming Jen!!!

  4. If you lived alto closer we do do some hippotherapy with her on our horse or pony, I bet she would kick her legs at that to. Plus it best mimics the movement of actually walking.

  5. That is awesome, though! I second the hippotheraphy. Ride to Walk is near you, and it would be awesome for her strength. It would be a nice break from the regular therapy, and she'd get a chance to get out in the warm sun. (Well, once this biblical flooding subsides.)

  6. Jen - I know how much a smile means to you, and I can't say I feel any different. I do think you're an awesome Mom, and to be able to articulate how you read Avi is incredible! Do share more. . .and we must get together soon!!! (Before our lunch pal is off to pick up her baby!!)

  7. Go Avi...kick those legs girl!!!! I know she is smiling from her heart Jen :)

  8. That smile is coming...I don't know when, but I know it it's coming.....and I can't WAIT for that blog post!!