Monday, March 28, 2011

More About You Mondays

Oh my gosh!! That was so much fun. I loved reading all of your responses!!!

Remember how I said some of the most obvious things escape me?? Well, I never even answered my own question, and never even thought to, until others were asking me ;o)

I am a total insomniac, so I usually always go to bed hungry. Dave is extremely accommodating to my late night game of, "If I could eat anything right now....."

This game usually encompasses all of my favorite foods, and more. It sounds something like this....

If I could eat anything right now, I would eat sushi, or an artichoke. Oh my gosh no, a potato taco from Taco Bell sounds so good right now. Never mind, I would rather have some cake. Cake of any kind, but with real whipped cream frosting, and lots of it. Hold on, I think I want a caesar salad with lots of croutons. No, I got it...I am positive, I definitely want sushi. Sushi it is...come on, let's go!!

Dave says, 'Uh ha, yeah, uh hu...okay, now go to sleep.'

Once again, I loved reading your responses. I laughed out loud with how passionate we all are about our food :o)

Okay, so for the past week, I had the question all picked out, and then woke up today, and decided that instead of something on the heavier side, I really need a laugh this week....

What is the most embarrassing moment of your entire life?? Come on....spill ;o)


  1. At the time - the most embarrassing thing was diving for a ball in the gym and landing HARD on my hip. I had to limp to the office and of course with my luck, my crush was working in the office. I had to explain that I needed to call my mom and get some ice for my butt. I was mortified. Luckily he doesn't hold me weirdness or bruised butt against me, because he's still friends with Jacqui. :)

  2. HA! Omg....That's an easy one! I am really a pro at embarrassing myself BUT the MOST embarrassing is when I served in my cousins wedding about ten years ago. I hardly ever drink. I'll have a beer or two every once in a while but I discovered the sweet taste of wine for the first time and it went down real good baby! I had too much of course and I don't remember much from that night BUT thank goodness for video right ??!! uuuhh...nooooo. I gave the toast to the bride and groom with one eye closed and slurring like the town drunk! It was horrible and it is to date, the most embarrassing. They swear it is THE best part of their wedding video and share it with everyone! I know it will show up on You tube one of these days....I just know it! lol

  3. want just ONE?! I AM A WALKING (barely) EMBARRASSMENT

    There was the time that i

    ....fell down in the intersection in front of my friend's car (thank goodness she was stopped at a red light)

    ....i heaped my salad with what i THOUGHT was thousand island dressing (it was bleu cheese)

    ....fell UP the stairs lost driving home

    ....took 6.5 hours to drive 45 minutes from O'Hare Airport to my friend's house in Indiana

    ....saw a grey elephant on the highway, pulled to the side of the road and 'scared' everyone with my vision (perhaps only 4 hrs sleep in 48 had something to do with that one)

    ....was only 5 inches away from kenny chesney and instead of talking to him i turned my head in the opposite direction and stuck my nose in the air

    OK.....i COULD go on and on...but i think you got the picture. my life is an embarrasment at many different levels!

  4. I was 17 years old(so that would be almost 20 years ago...holy shiz!) and I was at my boyfriend's house. We just started "going out" and I pined after him for two years before we got together.

    We were in his room and he playfully pushed me and I fell onto his bed and as soon as I landed I farted. MORTIFIED!!!

    I got up and he was laughing while I was crying inside and he pushed me again and I landed on his bed and farted even louder. I wanted to jump out the window.

    He was laughing even harder and when I got up he pushed me again and when I landed on the bed I farted AGAIN!!! At that point I was looking for something to kill myself with.

    Thankfully I didn't fart after he pushed me the 4th time and thank goodness they didn't smell.

    My friend(who you are friends with) and I have a fart history together. We are part of the fart-trifecta.

    The other moment was when I went to Vegas with a bunch of my friends last year and drank 4 or 5 martinis in a row(I don't all) at a piano bar. I kind of blacked out right after I threw up all over the bar.

    My friends carried me home and I don't remember any of it. I woke up on the bathroom floor of our hotel smelling like puke(it was in my hair, too) and I peed my pants on the way back to the hotel and didn't even know it. I didn't drink before that and have vowed never to tough the stuff again.

  5. Just one?
    Hmmmm....okay. I think I have one.

    I was 15 years old, in the 10th grade, and I had to take the bus home from school each day. I'm not talking a school bus, but the regular bus that goes around town.

    Anyway, I had a bus pass, but it had expired. The little ticket on the card that I had was blue, and the new ticket (if you had paid for the new month) should have been red. But I hadn't paid, so I still have the old sticker on it...from a few months back!

    The sticker was just about the size of my thumb...and so what I would do each day is flash the driver my bus pass but I kept my thumb over the sticker. There was always a crowd of kids coming onto the bus, and the driver used to just wave us all through in a hurry so long as he saw a pass in our hand. So for months - yes MONTHS - I got away with this.

    Then one day (yes, you knew this was coming...) I had to take the bus home without a crowd getting on with me. I must have missed the first bus or something, but I was the only one getting on that day. So the door opened, I stepped up, and the driver started driving down the street as I was still standing in the doorway. I flashed him my bus pass (with my thumb covering the sticker like always) and started to walk to the seats ... and he said, "Wait a minute. Let's see that pass." and my heart just about sank to my feet. We were rolling down the street, and the bus was full of passengers, some were kids from the high school. So I showed him my pass (still holding my thumb over the sticker) and he said, "Let me see the sticker" and so....he caught me. He said, "That sticker is expired. You need to pay 20 cents." (it was just 20 cents to ride with an expired pass) but wouldn't you know it? I did not have any change at all. Nothing! We were flying down the street, and I needed to give him 20 cents if I wanted to continue to ride.

    I didn't know what to do. I was a very shy teen, but I had no choice. I walked down the aisle and asked people if they had 20 cents. Can you believe that? Everyone shook their head NO. The liars. They all knew they had some change! So the driver stopped at the next stop and I had to get OFF the bus. Yep, I got kicked off the bus. Right in front of all those passengers. Right in front of high school kids. And as they drove off, everyone looked down at me from their seats high above.

    Can you just picture it? How mortifying, huh?

    Yea, that was a bad day. I had to WALK home that day. It was miles and miles. No cell phones back then, and hey...I didn't even have 20 cents to make a phone call at a pay phone.

    Can you say.....LOSER! Oh yea, I was a loser for sure. I felt like one, at least.

    That was back in 1985. I'm over it now. I'm a big girl now with a car of her own. And lots of change in my purse!

  6. WOW...I have NOTHING on you guys! LMAO!!

    I don't like to carry things when I walk (Really...I'm just lazy that way) I have a horrible habit of grabbing the exact amount of money I will need when I get to my destination (really anywhere, but usually lunch on a work day). Something stupid always happens and I end up not having enough cash, or I only have a credit card and they are only taking cash that day, or I'm a few cents short because they raised the price (darn it)...or one time my punch-card said "FREE buritto when you buy 9" but it didn't say I had to pay extra for guacamole! See? It's always something stupid! It's not that I don't have money, I'm just too stubborn/lazy to carry my purse or wallet, or more cash! My embarrassment is more the fact that it happens over and over and over again! And not having enough money (on me) is the crappiest feeling!

    I never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  7. Really? Oh, boy.
    I was 14 or 15 and a freshman in high school. We lived in a small rural town and I felt very privileged to be on our high school's dance team. Well one of the "perks" of being on the team was marching and performing in our town's parade at the Harvest Festival. I can't remember how long the parade was, but we performed a short routine about 3 times along the way and smiled and waved and marched the rest of the way in between performances. Only we didn't march.... we actually did a "jazz run". Now if you're not familiar with the jazz run, you basically run along with your feet sort of brushing the ground, pointed toes, straight arms and most importantly, all 10 fingers outstretched in jazz hands. Yes, it was fabulous, or at least we thought it was. ugh. So there I was, in between performances, dressed in a black leotard and black gloves, jazz running along, dodging horse poop (there were obviously some cowboys that preceded us in the line up) and feeling on top of the world. I looked to my right and noticed that watching the parade was the entire football team all very coolly sitting on tailgates. I decided to kick my game up a notch. Head held high, I put a little extra sashay into my jazz run and promptly got my pointed toe stuck in some small crack in the road. I went flying, landed on all fours and slid for what seemed like an eternity ripping gaping holes into both knees of my tights and one of my gloves. Not to mention the flesh of my knees and hands. sigh. So naturally I jumped up as quickly as possibly and did my best to pretend that nothing had happened. Most of the football players were nice enough about it later... they had the decency to only smirk when they saw me and reserved the full-on laughter until after I passed by. Sad but true story :) I still have the scar on my left knee to prove it.
    I hope you at least got a little chuckle.

  8. I really am trying to comment here, I just can't think of one single thing that I have done embarrassing. :)
    I'll keep thinking....

  9. When I was dating my soon-to-be-wife, we went to the park to hang out. While we were sitting at a bench a bird in the tree above us decided to relieve itself. Bird poo landed on my arm. Being the cool operator that I am I slyly slid my arm under the edge of the table to wipe my arm off. My wife claims she never saw anything happen. That or she was blindly in love. :)

  10. Yes, it's taken me this long to come up with something. Not because mortifying things don't happen to me but because most of the time they were "you had to be there" moments and most of them were with sissy and me. This one is all mine.

    I was in college, 17, and thought I was super cool because I was so young when I started college. I was wearing one those babydoll gauzy dresses that used to be all the rage (it was 1993). It was black, low cut and had a cute whie lace collar, very french maid-ish. I had a black backpack that I loved that I always just wore over one shoulder (much cooler that way). I had walked all the way across campus and was walking down the outdoor hallway that was lined with my classmates smoking before class started. As I walked past them they all stopped, turned and stared at me. "This dress is making me look smokin'!" I thought to myself. Then one of my classmates made the comment "short enough?" I just smiled at him in a very flirty way. It wasn't until I had passed EVERYONE and finally made my way IN to the room that I discovered the real reason everyone was checking me out. My backpack had caused friction against my tights therefore the hem of my dress had gotten caught in the middle and had hiked itself all the way up.... TO THE WAISTBAND OF MY TIGHTS!!! Yeah, my ass was hanging out for everyone to see.

  11. Okay here is a medley of embarrassing moments for you to enjoy.
    When I was 7 I was a squirrel, which is was one step below a Brownie. My older sister was the Brownie and my mom was a troop leader so I tagged along as a squirrel. We were at Girl Scout Day camp which all of the girls from around the area attended. We were all waiting in a large room to do a dance activity of sorts. To preface this, I had just gotten my hair cut because my mom wanted my long hair to be more manageable. So she called it a cute pixie cut, which I hated. Anyway back to 1982... We are all standing around waiting when the head woman says, "Since you are the only BOY, why don't you lead the line?" I was so embarrassed and soo shy back then, that I just went and lead the line without saying a word. But all of the girls from our pack knew and were laughing.
    Next story is when I went to the zoo with Matt, my now husband when we first started dating back in high school. It was that time of the month, and so I loaded my mini purse/backpack with like 20 pads, just in case I might need that many. :)I didn't close the side zipper and as I walked I left a trail of 4 pads all on the sidewalk in front of the petting zoo.
    The last story is about going out to dinner with my family. My dad is a retired police officer, so he thought nothing of carrying a gun on him on occasion. Anyway we are getting up to leave the restaurant and the gun slips down his leg onto the floor and then he kicks it across the room. We start laughing so hard, but at the same time try leave ASAP and then my mom runs into a mirror head on. I can only imagine what the patrons thought of us.

    Hopefully not everyone will find this post since it is so late. :)