Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Aviana's Video Debut

Aviana got a new Dora doll from her Aunt Jan, Uncle Tony, and Cousin Natalie. I hadn't realized that Dora has finally grown up. She loves her doll so much, and can't keep her eyes off of her.

I didn't realize it would be so grainy from my phone....or maybe it's the lighting. I'll work on the quality ;o)

Yes, Rainey is allowed anywhere, and everywhere. Poor Kama was never allowed on the couches. In my experience, when you lose a baby, the rules surely change, or should I say, go straight out the window!

God forbid anything should happen to him, but we had a good laugh, as Dave was envisioning what I would be like with my next husband ;o)

Sorry about the first video link....


  1. Hi Jen I tried to watch the video but it said it was private. I made a utube account but still said sorry its private.

  2. I just watched the video. Cried the whole way through. What a sweetheart she is, trying so hard and achieving what she wants at her pace. And your voice was so endearing and encouraging.

    Keep being that Mommy you are! You are rockin' this world. Teaching me things every day.

  3. Aww so sweet. She was holding her head so well and reaching out to meet big girl Dora. Love it.

  4. She is amazing - just like her momma. My eyes welled up just watching that. Go Avi!

  5. I'm so proud of Avi. She is trying so very hard and that says so much about her spirit and about you and Dave as parents! I don't read blogs much at all but every now and then I come to yours and so glad I did today to see this!

  6. I don't know what is sweeter...Avi or you :)

  7. I loved how she reached out to touch Dora when you told her to ( at the beginning) It's great that she can comprehend and follow directions. Her body just doesn't always cooperate with what her brain tells it to do. You can see that at the end. I knew she wanted to touch Dora again...but the connection just wasn't there like the first time. Must be so frustrating for her. She's such a little sweetheart. She is in my prayers everyday...for her brain to recover more and more. And more and more.

    Your voice is so calm and soothing, yet encouraging. Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!
    Beautiful mother, beautiful child, beautiful strength and determination!!
    Fi's mama

  9. Oh how amazing to be able to see her touch Dora and make that connection. I can tell that she really loves her doll. You are an amazing mommy!

  10. Thank you for letting us get a peek of your precious girl ....

    I feel super emotional now .... Really overwhelmed with the love in your voice, her effort, how hard it was for her, the peace in your house, even the binder on the all added up to giving such a powerful feeling of what you and yours are doing .....