Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I got so lucky with our nurse Michelle, and never thought it was possible to find someone else.  As Michelle was getting ready to go on leave, Lesya came in to meet us. I could quickly tell she would work well within our family. The day we met, I asked her if she could fill in all of the days Michelle couldn't be here.

Lesya was to seamlessly slip in the next working day after Michelle left. With 4 remaining hours of Michelle's last shift, we found out that Lesya had gone to another company. Just call me the stalkerazzi, because I hunted her down, asked her if still wanted to work with us, and switched companies. We had to wait a few months for her. I knew by waiting, I would have to take on all daytime care myself. I knew she would be well worth the wait though, so I didn't even bat an eye. She was much too perfect, to let go. We all love her, and couldn't be happier with her.

I am in tears right now reflecting on something that will forever tie the two of us together. She was here with me the morning I called Dave to come home so we could go put Kama to sleep. She and I knelt together, with tears falling on Kama's beautiful fur. I was so thankful she was here for me, for all of us. She stayed back to care for Aviana, while we said goodbye to our best friend.

I have wanted to introduce you to Lesya for a long time. Avi loves her, you might think otherwise from the following pictures, but like I said they are deceiving at times ;o)

Lesya ~ pronounced ~ Less~uh

We honestly didn't plan the polka dots...they tend to sometimes dress alike.

Lesya ~ we thank our lucky stars for you. You are simply the best!!


  1. I'm so glad that you found her! I'm not fooled by Avi's stinkeye, either. :)

  2. thats so awesome! so glad you were able to get someone else that is good and you feel happy and comfortable with.

  3. This is so great! And gives me hope - we lose our wonderful nanny Michelle (also!) this week, and she was also our CNA - she loves the kids. Anyway - I'm on my own for a while, but my hope is to find someone just as amazing. This is hope!

  4. SOOOOO GREAT! This makes me so happy! You are blessed to have found her. Hooray for Lesya!

    She is lucky too, for being able to work with such a sweet, caring family:)