Monday, December 20, 2010

Red Balloon

A number of months ago, I received a comment from a person named Jennifer Tran. She started a foundation called Red Balloon. She had explained that she puts on a benefit concert each year. She had heard our story, and wanted to know if she could dedicate this years concert to Aviana. We were truly honored, and accepted her thoughtful invitation.

Not too long ago, we attended the concert.  Jennifer Tran is one of the most inspiring, beautiful, amazing people I have ever met. I will never forget her. She had a vision, and started her foundation when she was just 18 years old, she is now 23. I was in awe of her for being so young, and already making such a difference in the world.

I cannot even begin to imagine just how bright her future will be, and how many lives she will touch.

The night was comprised of the most talented group of musicians, with the headliner being one of our very favorite American Idol runner ups, Andrew Garcia.

I was so inspired by this group of people, and felt really honored to be a part of their night.

We wanted to thank Jennifer, and the entire group of performers for welcoming us!


  1. I can't believe we missed it! We wanted to go but must have forgotten in the hustle and bustle. The video was so beautiful, and so true.

  2. How cool and inspiring is this - WOW!! Loved the video as well, thanks for sharing the Red Balloon - I had no idea. Love you ♥

  3. How amazing!!! I'm struggling not to cry right now. Did you take pictures? You must post them! I loved Andrew Garcia and wanted him to win soooo bad! This was the first year I've ever watched American Idol faithfully, it was always mom and Trina's "thing." It's only fitting that something so amazing go to help you, Dave and Aviana, an amazing family. BTW, have you put up your Christmas shit yet? LOL. Love you Jen.