Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Avi & The Gang

Ahhh, Avi Bear ~ You are so beautiful!

Rainey's standard pose.

Ohh girl ~ You save us!

My Uncle affectionately named this one, "The Starting Line of the Wheelchair Olympics" ;o)

Another variation of the same pose.

Decisions, Decisions

I have determined that I have taken all of my grief and sadness, and dumped it all into the art of dog collar buying. I have 2 more that have come since this picture, and one more on the way! 

It's SICK!


  1. Accessorizing is the pinnacle of retail therapy girl- she should have one for every occasion!!!!- and then a few to spare!!!! Love the sweet pics of Aviana too!!!!

  2. Love the picture of Avi looking over the arm of the couch at you, and of course her looking at the bite of food, she doens't look as excited as they do.
    Hmmmmm well if he chews up the collars I guess you will more reasons to buy more.

  3. Love the pictures! Avi looks so cute! Your whole family seems like such wonderful people. Rainey, I am sure, provides lots of comic relief. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The picture of her looking over her shoulder - wow! The improvement is so clear in that picture. Nice last picture, too. ;)