Monday, December 27, 2010

Home Is Where the Heart Is

On Christmas Eve my Dad told Dave, "Once she gets to Tahoe, she will feel better!" He knows me so well. Tahoe has a way of soothing my soul every single time.

On Christmas Day, I dried my tears, pulled myself out of bed, threw on some sort of outfit, and lethargically dragged myself around the house getting things together, as we had decided to go to Tahoe after all. Holy run on sentence!  We were just going for dinner, so we didn't have to pack much.

My sickness and sadness dissipated, as we weaved our way up the snowy mountain.  We arrived at about 5pm, had a great time, and got home around 2am.

If you look carefully to the right of the tree, by the window, you will see a small replica of the famous "Leg Lamp."

My Daddy and I.

See how politely they waited while my Dad carved the turkey?

I laughed after I took this picture. We look so functional ;o)

These are Aviana's cousins ~ Ashton & Gaby.

My brother Jimmy and I.

Ashton, and my sister-in-law, Susan.

While they were doing the dishes, Rainey was holding on for one last piece of food to drop!

My cousin had sent these Christmas cards out. I loved them, because it looks like Rainey is driving the bug!

Avi was zonked out on the way home. She began getting sick on the drive, and then got me sick again yesterday. Poor girl. You would think with the way she eats she would never get sick.

Merry Christmas from Zander and Rainey!


  1. Glad to hear that you went on your trip afterall! Nice photos :)

  2. It looks like you guys ended up having a nice Christmas. I am so glad that you went and that you felt better. It is always nice to come home! Thanks for posting the pictures, I love them!

  3. Glad you got to go up to your Dad's for dinner. :)

  4. I was just going over again the last few days of pictures that you posted. I zoomed them and I see a big change in Avi's expressions. She also seems more relaxed when sleeping. Glad you made it to your Dad's and I hope you are all feeling better. I think the New Year will bring great progress.