Thursday, December 30, 2010

Avi's Fave

Rainey got jealous, and after Aviana went to bed the other night, she snatched the doggie up,  and ran into the back bedroom with it ;o)


  1. Love the last two posts from you as I can see that your heart was feeling a bit lighter. I guess the FRAGILE Leg Lamp has a way of doing that!
    By the way... I LOOOOOOOVE your new lab. She hugs??? Seriously, she is your saving grace!!

  2. Wow! Avi is a gorgeous little girl!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I felt compelled to find you back after you mentioned your little girl.

    I'm so very sorry for what happened to her. I really and truly know the pain you are going through right now. I know that kick in the gut - helpless - am I doing enough? - feeling. It comes and goes and it's a part of grieving, I've heard.

    Just want you to know there is beauty somewhere in this journey. Sometimes it's more obvious than others. Obvious as in the pictures you post of her. She has beauty written all over her.

    I also want you to know that if you ever need an ear, I'm here.

    One more thing, I'm hoping all of your dreams for your daughter and family come true in this new year.

    God bless you,
    (Christian's Mommy)

  3. So sweet! Labs have a way of getting what they want. Mine used to take out my hair tie from behind when I was sitting on the couch, ever so gently. You gotta love em!

  4. Sorry so long gone. It was a crazy Christmas around here, and now lots of hospital visits since my Mama was admitted a few days ago. Sigh. Wanted to say I've just gone through the last few posts and am in love with your child and your doggie. I think Rainey got a kiss from God just before He sent him on his special saving journey. And Avi-girl. Such wisdom and awareness in her eyes. I recognized one of those looks from my own kids – "Mom, the camera? Again? Geez Louise, don't you ever put that thing down?" And now it is New Years Eve - we're on to 2011, and I hope and pray this is an amazing one for you and your family!!!