Friday, December 10, 2010


What do you do?

Life has repeatedly served me lemons,

and I'm not usually one to toot my very own horn,

but I must say,

I feel I have one of the best lemonade stands in town.

What do you do...

when you are made to feel,

that your very best,

is not good enough?


  1. Change your standards..... I am sorry was that too forward of me?!?!?! Let me explain..... Sometimes our perceptions make us feel that "our best isn't good enough" when in fact we are excelling! We just can't see that because we are focusing on something else. "Our Best" effort is not always going to feel that way and that is why we need to trust others to carry us through and help us "dance in the rain" (hmmm, wonder where I got that line from?!?!) sorry for the sarcasm! I wanted you to know that it is OK to feel that way. Have you read Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink? Her attempt to make the perfect pink lemonade has her doing way too much- in the end a little less means a lot more!

    feel better sweetie...your best is definitely good enough and then some!!!!!!

  2. I personally think you make the best lemonade in town! As long as it's not Kool Aid your serving I think your doing just fine :o)

  3. As always, I think you are amazing. Your loving spirit continues to inspire me. I truly do not know how you do it all! Love, Beya

  4. I have to agree with Annie on this one. Sometimes you have to sit back and look at what your expectations really are, and why they exist. Most of the time, we expect so much more from ourselves than others do.

    I'm guilty of that myself. I get to feeling like crap about what I've accomplished. If I step back and look at what I really have accomplished, I haven't done so damned bad. Comparing myself to others doesn't help, either. My challenges are different, and I can't really compare my life to a friend or family members.

    So step back, and look at what you've accomplished through all of this. Life dealt you some pretty crappy cards, and you really have made the best of it. It may not feel like it right now, but it IS good enough.

    Love you Jen!


  5. Btw, Pinkalicious is adorable! Go get that book if you don't have it. :)