Friday, December 3, 2010

I Cry

Sometimes I wear make up.

Sometimes I don't.

When I do,

I sometimes forget.


I look in the mirror,

and remember.

This is an image of what I see looking back at me,

OK, so it's slightly exaggerated,

but I often wonder how many times ~

The UPS person,

My neighbors,

Or people at the store,

Have seen me like this?


  1. It isn't really any consolation, but I'm 100% positive the UPS man has seen MUCH, MUCH worse. ;)

  2. EVERYONE I saw today experienced "the wrath of God" look. I am sure it is very exaggerated but you're in good company- all of us share our scarier side with the world occasionally, frequently, well you get the idea!

    Hey it's good to be in touch with your "ugly" side- that way your "beautiful" side is that much more breathtaking!

  3. your always beautiful Jen
    It's okay to cry sweetie
    i love you

  4. I swear I experience the very same thing from time to time!