Friday, April 30, 2010

Fast Money

Do you do yoga or meditation?

Boy, do I wish I did. I tried Yoga once and just about lost my mind. I was way too impatient for that particular class. I am thinking maybe....just possibly, things have changed by now.

I haven't been to the gym since the morning of the accident. Thanks to my family and Michelle,  I am going to start going back next week.  I am excited and thinking it will be the best stress relief!

What ever happened to the driver who hit Aviana and Gary? Were charges brought?

The person who hit them stopped immediately and cooperated completely with the police. This was simply a case of all three of them not seeing each other. I have been asked repeatedly if she was on her cell phone, texting, or on any sort of drugs or alcohol, she was not.  She was never charged with anything, as it was an accident.

I personally do not have any ill feelings toward her and actually am about 3/4 finished with a letter to her.

How is your relationship with God?

My relationship with God is good. I have never been the type to go to church, but I have always prayed daily.  I live my life with the notion that everything happens for a reason. Although, at times, I have a hard time seeing Aviana like this, I trust in the big picture. I fully believe in the grand plan.

You will never catch neither Dave nor I asking, "why us." It's not our style or belief.  You will always hear me saying, "It is what it is." I firmly believe this and am thankful for this idea.

If I sat and dwelled on why this happened or what was going to happen, I would be forever lost. My time is too precious to spend it in that sort of dark and mysterious place.

Every time I visit that line of thinking, I end up in the same place,  nowhere, and in a downward spiral of disaster!

GFA September 2010. ARE YOU GOING????

Are you talking about the Santa Rosa show? I am not going for a few reasons:

1. It is not General Admission and I wanted to make sure I was up close and very personal with my man.

2. The show is on Dave's birthday.

3. I didn't want Dave to be jealous that all of my attention was on Mr. Gary Allan.  That's normally ok with him, but I think he might be a little upset about it on his birthday :o)

4. I thought if he opened a date in Santa Rosa in September, he will most likely open another somewhere closer. Hopefully GA.

5. Are you going?

I do want to see my GFA girl soon :o)

Did I win $10,000? I love Family Feud and always felt I would have been awesome at Fast Money!!!

Truth be told, I would probably have froze....

What is the condiment that goes best with artichokes?


Oh no, I just let my family down :o(


  1. I was with you til ketchup. KETCHUP???? Aren't you a California girl? I'm going to try to overlook that because you obviously have a big, understanding heart so you're allowed one little flaw, I think.

    Dixie from Castro Valley (NOT Castroville, the Land of the Artichokes)

  2. OMG, this post makes me connect with, and love you even more!!! Thank you for answering some of the hardest questions people must be obsessed with asking! And as for the hubby has copied what Chicago Fire Pizza does with theirs...pour Cesar dressing over them, sprinke real parmesan cheese, and bake them!!

  3. ketchup?!?!? idk 'bout this one my gfa friend....I think even mr allan would take issue ;)

    totally understand about the show.....I got 4th row so I know I'll be rushing the stage!! ya know I bet Gary & the boys would sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dave!! I too am hopeful that he adds a few more shows that week!

  4. I don't want to sound like the village idiot but....who is Gary Allen, What is GFA, and how does any of this relate to artichokes (with or without condiments?!?!)

  5. I am laughing out loud at the artichokes with ketchup. I come from a long line of food-lunatics. And I married one. Do you know what perogies are? They're little Ukrainian or German things, dough stuffed with a mixure of mashed potato and cheddar cheese, or sometimes dessert perogies have blueberries or such like. Well, I'd never heard of perogies when I got married 40 years ago, so I totally believed my husband's German family when they told me that the only way to eat them was with pancake syrup. Years later, I discovered that REAL people eat their perogies with sour cream and bacon bits (the dessert variety stands alone, of course). Now THAT is a tasty treat indeed. But my husband still eats his with pancake syrup. Gag. Bunch of lunatics I married into. You go forth, girl, and enjoy your ketchup-coated artichokes. More power to you. :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing your story (and Aviana's story) and thank you for sharing your "it is what it is" perspective. My daughter is developmentally delayed (I hate typing the words even) and all too often I fall into the pity stuff of "why is this so easy for everyone ELSE?" But then I repeat, slowly to myself, "it is what it is." Because, it is! Right?!

    I've been following your blog ever since I happened upon it right after Aviana's accident, and I seem to remember that you live in California? I just learned of a place -- the Napa Center --, that does intensive therapies that sound a lot like what you've shared about the Institutes. I just wanted to share this information with you -- we are hoping to do some traditional hourly therapies there, but they also specialize in intensive therapies for brain-injured kiddos. And, the owner is a mother of a brain-injured child herself. . . a child who has surpassed ALL doctors' expectations of him. So, keep on keeping on (with the help of your fabulous new nurse, which I hope brings some ease back into your life . . . you deserve it.) My daughter's situation is not nearly as severe as Avi's but I've still found that having someone ELSE take care of the therapies, etc., on occassion makes my life so much better.