Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nurse Hunt - Part 2

I thought we were finally good to go after everything was resolved with Kaiser. The nurse and a few people from the company arrived on-time and in good spirits.

We completed yet another evaluation, which took about an hour. At this time, and to my great surprise, the nurse chimes in and says she is unable to lift over 10 pounds. I was shocked. I was so confused as to how this small, yet very large fact was overlooked. Avi was weighing in at about 39.8 pounds at this time and this amount had not changed since the last time they saw her!

My gut reaction was to excuse the nurse as I did not want company and I certainly did not want to waste my breath on any sort of training.

She was so incredibly pleasant to be around and ended up staying the entire day.  I have to say, at the time, I was sad she was not able to work with us.


  1. at least, i suppose, you had some adult company for the day. this is torture, by the way, only getting a few paragraphs at a time. :)

  2. OK- my reaction would be "are you kidding me?!?!!?" but once again you handle yourself with such grace under pressure- I really admire you Jen! Hope that this gets resolved soon!!!!

  3. oy vey (as rob's ancestors would say....and mine would add) mo yeung!!! (USELESS) and OF COURSE i gotta put in MY OWN two cents.......SERIOUSLY?!?!?

    omgosh! what were they thinking....that tiny little factoid was key to whether or not this lady would be able to do the job....

    ....but when you get lemons it's better to make lemonade than to suck on the sour fruits!! so i'm glad she was nice and i'm glad she was able to stay the whole day - at least that way you got to do a 'practice run' and experience what it would be like having a stranger 'invade your space' ..........i just know that PERFECT NURSE is around the corner.....get to the juicy part...stop teasing us so!!!! ;)

    <3 ~j