Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Did you know my counselor gives me homework? There is a certain assignment that I have been putting off for about 3 months now. My mission, which I finally chose to accept, was to pick a place I love, get a room and do whatever makes me happy!

There is no place I love more than my hometown...Tahoe.  So, I got a room in Squaw Valley and was on my way.

As I pulled out of the driveway, I began to feel my responsibilities melt away. With each passing mile, I morphed into an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. By the time I reached my paradise, I was merely a puddle of, "whatever, whatever, I do what I want" all over the floor.

To make a long story short, my trip involved:

~ a nice sushi lunch at Northstar with my dad and brother.

~ a beautiful drive along the most breathtaking lake in the world.

~ an hour of sitting on my favorite pier, overlooking my slice of heaven.

~ a gorgeous, but still germ infested, room in Squaw Valley.

~ martinis in a little Irish Pub in The Village.

~ take out dinner.

~ some flipping through a magazine.

~ a small amount of reading a new book.

~ a, way too soft pillow and thoughts of all of the various germs within the bed.

~ a decision to check out at 1:45 am and drive home.

~ not forgetting to sit in the cool, crisp, fresh, perfect smelling air and take in what Tahoe has to offer at that particular hour.

~ driving away from the most perfect place on earth, listening to all of my favorite music.

~ and now for the icing on the cake, arriving home at 3:15 am and scaring the hell out of my sleeping husband!!

I have always had a terrible habit of abandoning a place at a moments notice, no matter the hour, or any other aspect. As I lightly reflected on my unusual disappearing acts, I quickly realized that they usually involve a hotel room.

It was a great homework assignment, but next time, I am going to hijack one of my friends. My friend Ellen mentioned the perfect phrase in an e-mail last night. Like her, I am a social loner.

P.S. 4 times a charm! I am almost positive we found our nurse.....more to come on that later.

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments at that time, as I was about to throw my hands up in the air and say, " Forget it, I can do it myself."


  1. So glad you got some YOU time away, even if it was short!! Do it again somtime!
    Hope this is THE NURSE!!

  2. You crack me up, mostly because you remind me of my sister, Jennifer. The germs will get you! ;)

    I'm so glad things are clicking with the new nurse. Getting a little time to relax and try those new things will be good for you. When you have some time, I think you might like gringo sushi at Tex Wasabi. No raw meat! :)

  3. So glad you think you found Your Nurse! :)

  4. word of advice......BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW!!!!

    ...if you bring your own pillow you know where it's know who's face (or feet ~~~ ewwwww!!) have last been resting on it... you never have to worry about whether you will wake up infested with the next mysterious plague from some distant 3rd world country.....and BEST OF ALL.....

    you never have to wonder if housekeeping did anything 'questionable' to your pillow before you checked in :)

    (glad you got away for a few moments! do it again real soon!!! ......patiently awaiting more news on THE NURSE!!!)

  5. Jen, you are so funny. You could adopt a practice my sister and bro-in-law have used for years already. They take their own sheets and pillows and pillow cases everywhere they go - even when they stay with other family and friends. They strip the bed, put on their own sheets, then remake (if at a friends; at a motel they just leave the motel/hotel sheetsin a heap) the bed on the morning they're leaving. Add a plastic or rubberized mattress cover to the equation and you'll sleep like a baby. My relatives say they do that because it's less work for their family and friends, but I think they are also germophobes and if it means you get a better night's sleep - I say go for it!

    Hugs to you today. I hope and pray the nurse is working out for you!!


  6. a girl after my own heart, i've abandoned countless vacations for my own bed. and i love sandy's idea of bringing your own sheets (to the hotel, anyway).

    exciting about the nurse. can't wait to hear more!

  7. I always toss the comforter and pillows, and I bring my own pillows. I'm more comfy, and I know it's clean. Mostly though, I sleep horribly in hotels. It seems like either the bed is hard as a rock, or it is soft but we have noisy neighbors. The joys of traveling. ;)

  8. Oh Jen I am so happy that you found some time to do something for yourself - I love your description of the "getaway" in the wee hours of the morning!! I do hope you do that again soon - and yes bring a friend and your own bedding if possible- or just a really big can of Lysol!!!!!

    I do hope that this nurse works out for you!

  9. That is hilarious!!! I do the same thing if I'm not comfy where I am, no matter the time of day or night:)
    Glad you got some "me" time.
    Hope the nurse works out for you guys:)