Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Aviana is such an amazing inspiration! She is the hardest working Boo Boo in the business. We put her through the wringer everyday and everyday she is such an amazing sport. She doesn't cry or complain very often (except on the inclined floor.) She just does what she knows she has to do.

Through the program she has:

~ strengthened her head control

~ is much more aware of everything around her

~ moves her head all over, especially on walks

~ sleeps on her stomach every single night

~ has still not "tossed her cookies" since January 25th

~ has been able to start eating very small amounts of pureed food

~ her swallow has gotten stronger from all of the masking and practice with food

~ she moves her head from side to side while sleeping to get comfortable

~ she has lost 3 pounds of her weight gain, she still has 5 to go

~ we eliminated one of her medications completely (for rigidity)

~ her nurse said her lungs sound better than a well 3 year old

~ she is doing better coming down the inclined floor

~ she kicks her legs much more

~ she uses her arms (a little) on the floor

~ she has continued to give kisses and has even extended her ration to Dave and her Nana, sorry Gary :o/

~ she has graduated from all of her hospital equipment (suction machine, feeding pump, etc.) It was like a breath of fresh air to move them on out

~ we can feed her so fast now, we used to feed her extremely slow and pray she wouldn't throw it up

~ if I put Tom & Jerry on, she will actually watch some now

~ she pays much more attention to her reading cards than ever before

~ she sometimes will move her legs to help me put her pants on

~ she tolerates and even enjoys many things she didn't when she came home (bath, brushing teeth, etc.)

~ she has an amazingly healthy glow, she used to look so puffed up and was always sick :o(

She has come so far in such a short period of time. I have The Institutes to thank for every bit of progress. I, of course, would love to thank Trina as well, for revealing this hidden treasure to me. We would be lost without them.

I know I may sound crazy, maybe even kind of like a cult member of some sort, but I have to admit, I have been known to jokingly say, "If Glenn Doman (founder of The Institutes) asked me to drink the Kool-Aid, I WOULD!!

How can you not partake in the tasty red beverage when you have been witness to what we have?

Finally, ponytails again!

Dave says I always take pictures of her when she is sleeping. It's true, but it is really the only time I have to take pictures!


  1. That's a lot of progress!!! I just read it to mom. Mom also wants to know when you go back to The Institutes. Have you found a nurse yet?

  2. What a list!! Wow- way to go Aviana, Jen& Dave! She has come such a long way and all due to your dedication and love for her! No more green goo in your hair Jen?!?!?

    I am sooooooo happy for you!!!!

  3. WOW- what a long way she has come and her picture shows it.

    Crying tears of happiness for you.

    Love and hugs,

  4. Aww Sweetie she looks so good! I miss you guys so much. Maybe I can bring lunch over some day. Love you!


  5. I found your blog a few days ago and have read from the beginning. What a story!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Aviana is so beautiful. I will continue to follow.

    Carolyn in Indiana

  6. By far the most encouraging news to have graced my laptop in ages! What a girl (and mother and father).

  7. Awesome progress!!!!!!
    So glad that you were able to get to this institute!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  8. What a beautiful post and I am so thrilled for the progress your sweet girl is making!

  9. Thanks for sharing all of the great progress.

    We wish you well, we wish Dave well, we wish Aviana well and last but not least we wish Kama well!

    We are proud of all you do not only for your daughter, but by sharing your experience.

    Take care,

  10. Hooray!!! It is wonderful to hear about all the progress Aviana has made!!!! Wish we were going to the Institutes at the same time. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid too--because slowly and steadily, it seems to be working! Keep it up! :)

  11. I check often to see how Aviana and you are doing. I can't imagine how hard you are all working or how hard the situation must seem. But I am so happy that you are seeing progress. You are doing so many amazing things to love your daughter to healing. I pray that God will continue to heal all of you, as your trauma has been difficult, too.
    Nancy in the Midwest

  12. I am sooooo darn happy to hear about her progress! I witnessed a teeny tiny bit of it when I stopped by, but I didn't want to pry too much. She is such a trooper!

  13. Jen, this is such a wonderful story. We are so very happy for all her progress. She is a strong willed little girl that has a passion to live, and just to keep going! Nothing obviously is going to get in her way. I just wanted to say this is great and exciting newas we are so happy for you.

    Love Becci & Angela

  14. I'm so happy to read this update! She is doing amazingly well, Jen. I'm so impressed with all that you are doing. I know it's soooo hard! I am so glad that my sister directed me to your website so that I could "meet" you and your family, and that I was able to tell you about the Institutes! You guys mean so much to me. I just wish we lived closer! I would for sure be your #1 patterner!!!

  15. awesome!!!! awesome!!! awesome!!!!

    each and every one of those achievements is a HUGE milestone!!!!

    i am so happy for you & dave and MOST ESPECIALLY for aviana!!!!!

    (still waiting patiently to hear about the PERFECT NURSE!!!)

  16. I read your blog everyday! You're very inspirational and your daughter is adorable.

  17. Oh, what a terrific update! All of your hard work is really paying off. Little by little she is making amazing progress. Keep up the great work and continue to stay positive. She is beautiful in her piggy tales! So sweet!!!!!

  18. Wonderful update...I say DRINK! You can see so much change from earlier photo's before you started all of the hard work. I continue to pray for your family and see that there is no limit! Be VERY PROUD!

  19. Wow! Jen. What a day-brightener you are! It must have given your heart pure joy to start writing that list, and keep going and going and going. Every single point on that list deserves a major HURRAY!!! Congratulations to all of you. Happy Friday!!!!

  20. Go Aviana Go!!! Thank you for the Smiles this weekend from your update post. She looks great in her ponytails and her skin really glows healthy! Wonderful work you and Dave have done!
    And Kama seems to be a large part of the success too. How sweet that she snuggles so with her Aviana. :) :) :) Happy energy being sent your way!

  21. Just had to read this post again. I'm getting misty-eyed as I type because all this progress is AMAZING!!! It is truly encouraging to read all the things our little ones are able to do on the program and surrounded by people who believe in them. Hooray!!!!!!