Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nurse Shmurse

So far....nurse experience = BIG FAT headache :o(


  1. Hope it gets better... I'm sure it's a huge adjustment! I'll be looking out for updates - praying that it's a good thing in the end (for everyone!) :)

  2. Jen - I KNOW how annoying it is to have someone in YOUR space, YOUR sanctuary. I feel the same way.

    But, girl, you (for your mental health, your marriage, your friendships) push through the first terrible, weird, off weeks of training someone to tend to your lovely.

    NO ONE will love her like you and your hubby. But, my cyber-friend, you will be a better Momma if you can have some time to yourself.

    I have finally had to give in and hire a "Mother's Helper" because I was just NOT getting things done, was irritable, overwhelmed, etc.

    I know my reasons are so vastly different than yours...but I do understand the irritation when the caretaker does it "wrong" in regards to how your kiddo likes it, etc.

    Give it a bit more time my friend. Maybe this nurse isn't the right personality...but you do need to take a deep breath and keep the front door open to help.

    This, said by a perfectionist who thinks I never need help with anything, Andrea

  3. I think it might be like finding a boyfriend or a mate.....you have to kiss a few frogs, but it's so worth it in the end when the prince comes along. The right "one" is out there.

  4. I know it's got to be tough, but hang in there. You really do need a break, even if it's just to take a hot shower and relax. Once things fall into place, it should be a lot easier. My aunt has cared for a patient for years, even going on vacation with them.

    Love you, Jen!

  5. Jen- you knew this wouldn't be easy- having a "stranger" in your space, with your baby, but for your own well being and those around you YOU need to have some help. You have to take care of you so you have something left over for Aviana and Dave. I like what Dixie said about kissing a few frogs- maybe this one isn't the nurse you'll stay with but I am so proud of you for trying it! You WILL FIND someone who fits into your family and I do believe that you will find what you need.

    Now ...about your BIG FAT HEADACHE....There's always a BIG FAT TYLENOL, or A BIG FAT DRINK, or A BIG FAT TYLENOL washed down with A BIG FAT DRINK....just think about that BIG FAT PEDICURE you're going to get this week!!!! Just give your hubby and Aviana (and Kama too!) a BIG FAT HUG!!!! (I hope you at least got a little chuckle!)

  6. You knew it was going to be hard. Expect that the first few weeks will be an adjustment. A big fat headache, even. But stick it through... give it time to work. And you know what? It just might take going through a few nurses to get the one the "clicks" with you and your family.

    Thinking of you....

  7. ....i got nothing :(

    but i do like the frogs & the BIG FAT TYLENOLS washed down with BIG FAT DRINKS :)

    my 2cents....it's like looking for that perfect pair of pretty shoes......you walk in the shoe store & say OOOOOOOOO look at all the pretty shoes. but then you start trying them on and discard this one cuz it pinches your pinkie toe or that one cuz it bites into your ankle and that one's color isn't exactly right......but then...there it is that PERFECT SHOE!!! the color the fit the comfort it's all right there!!!

    so too will your PERFECT NURSE be, all the nurses will be 'qualified' enough to do the job but it'll take some tryouts to find THE PERFECT NURSE that has all the skills and the personality and temperment to make her (or him...you just never know!) the PERFECT NURSE!!!! once you've tried a few out.. you'll see

    that BIG FAT HEADACHE will disappear! :)

    <3 <3 <3 PVs & HUGS <3 <3 <3

  8. You know these thing take time. Stick with it. You're a tough cookie. Look how far you've come! After all of that, this should be a peice of cake. Let it happen! You need this.

    Love you, cuz!


  9. Hey girl. Ditto what they all said. In the long run, when the routine settles into a comfortable place, you will be glad you did this. Take it slow and easy over the speed bumps, step outside and take a few deep breaths, pllug into your favourite mellow music and just let it happen. It will be good for all of you – but oh I know how hard this is.

    Do you know that you and Avi are my heroes? It's true. You are.