Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Stuff

I have read the book and have longed to be "that" person, the one who doesn't sweat the small stuff. Up until the accident, I had by no means accomplished this goal. Over the course of the last few months, I have felt a shift; the tide has begun turning within me.

Today, I had the first true test of my newly discovered ability..... I was making my way to the hospital and a rock smacked against my windshield. The pebble put a good sized chip in my beautiful, cleaned (might I add) windshield. I didn't even flinch; my heart rate must have maintained the same beats per minute as just prior to this occurrence. To my surprise, there weren't even any profanities flying out of my mouth.

I calmly smiled and said to myself, (actually out loud) "Oh well," and carried on with my day. I just might be evolving into this "so called" Small Stuff Evader.

Who is this new girl?

I just might be able to get used to her ;)


  1. wow I'm impressed, sometimes the small stuff is what you can't handle because you have had no choice but to handle the big stuff, great job.

  2. Impressive!!!!!!!

    That's major :)

    But...I kinda find a joy in the small stuff sometimes...least that's what I TELL myself so that I don't feel like a FREAK when I'm warped about the fact that we might run out of hicken noodle soup 3 weeks from now :)

    Me thinks I need to read that book again?!


  3. Jen you and your family are such an inspiration to us all ! Every time I log in and read something new...I feel as though my life's challenges are so minor, and that I simply just need not to sweat the small stuff. Thanks for being the most honest, open person I know. I feel so very blessed to have you and your family in our lives. The strength that you and your family show each day is exactly why Aviana is so Amazing! We love you all very much!
    May God Bless you all! Give Aviana our LOVE!!


  4. I happened upon your blog recently and have been an avid reader ever since. Please know that you and your family are constantly in my prayers and thoughts. Your strength in this time of great crisis is an inspiration and Aviana's determination to overcome this challenge is just amazing.

    Karen - Marietta, Georgia
    Mommy to 2 Guatemalan blessings