Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aviana changes on a daily basis. To me, her metamorphosis is reminiscent of that of a butterfly. The purpose of a cocoon is to protect an insect from a harsh or unfriendly environment. When this accident first occurred, it was obvious; the environment in Aviana’s brain was clearly both harsh and unfriendly. While in her coma, she was safe and sound in her little cocoon.

Did you know that often times the most beautiful butterflies have actually emerged from the ugliest cocoons? They say, for this reason, many people consider the process of the cocoon to be a miracle of nature itself. Aviana has definitely traveled from one of the ugliest and most horrific places. I can now say, with confidence, our sweet little butterfly is emerging.

I feel she will continue to mirror the transformation of the butterfly and be a miracle herself! Even just over one night, she changes in some way. This has been especially apparent over the past week. The improvements are subtle and may not be completely noticed by the doctors or other people who do not know Aviana personally. To us, the changes ARE there and continue to give us hope on a daily basis. I am so thankful for these changes.

With the exception of Dave and my parents, I have kept these thoughts to myself. I have been feeling slightly off this past week so I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was true. I will no longer be quiet because EVERYONE who comes to visit is noticing the same thing. The nursing staff, as well as some doctors are taking notice as well.

Aviana has a new favorite item. It is the mat in the playroom. My dear friend Amy came to visit on Friday morning. I have been dying to get Aviana on the mat. I had my hands full with Aviana, so Amy was juggling her own son Cooper, an exercise mat and a large bed sheet. She assembled the mat and we positioned Aviana on it. Aviana loved being on the mat and most of all loved being able to look around the playroom.

With Amy’s help, I turned Aviana onto her stomach. Amy and I watched in amazement as Avi pushed her cute little butt up in the air and moved her legs in a crawling motion!! Aviana’s arms were not moving and her head was straight down on the mat. We continued to do this for a little while. Not too long later, Avi let us know, enough was enough!!

Dave, Dinah (Dave’s sister) and I did this very same thing on Saturday night, with even better results. Aviana lifted her head, tried to move her arms AND was moving her legs. We were over the moon with excitement!

Like I said, this little butterfly is on her way!

Aviana will be having her tube put in tomorrow morning, please send all of your good thoughts her way :o)


  1. Go Avi! I was positive that I saw a sparkle of recognition in her eyes when we came to visit last week. A butterfly is a perfect analogy. She looked at me and I started to talk, and her eyes lit up. Mom and Emma started to talk, and her eyes started to glow as if she were smiling with her eyes. When Grandma held her, she finally got comfy and I saw her lips turn up into a little smile.

    I am so glad to hear that she's moving around more. Your beautiful butterfly is on her way. Avi do it!

  2. Go Avi GO!!!!!!!That is such awesome news!!!!We continue to pray for your beautiful butterfly!!!!

  3. Seriously Jen a butterfly is the absolutely perfect analogy! Lily keeps talking about how the doctors are going to make Avi feel better and then she is going to take her to ice cream. So Avi has an ice cream date in her future. Avi will be in my thoughts today.

  4. Oh how wonderful, the little steps are the biggest ones! Don't ever let those doctors discourage you, you know your baby girl and she is making leaps and bounds. Go Avi!

  5. You are so right butterfly is the persfect analogy. So are they goign to start her physical therapy it sounds like she is definetly ready, how truely awesome, that you so much for sharing that is really just fantastic!

  6. GO AVI!!!

    Did someone say ICE CREAM??

    Prayers about the tube (I forget...which tube is it this time??).


  7. Jenn & Dave,

    Praise the Lord! I'm so excited that Aviana is morphing from her cocoon to a little butterfly. I read your blog on a regular basis and continue to hold Aviana, your family, and the medical team in my prayers.

    Tina B.

  8. Wonderful news! I check daily for updates on your precious daughter. Prayers all goes well.

    Is is G-tube she is getting? Do not worry, they are wonderful for the children's sake. My son had one until he was 9 years old. It was the only way he survived. It was also nice to feed him at night and he never woke up.

  9. What amazing progress she is making. Keep it up little Mama, we are all rooting for you!! All our love to you guys!

  10. We are so happy to hear your precious little one is making such great strides. She is so beautiful that the butterfly image is perfect. Praying for a lot more of these advances. V's Grama.

  11. That is incredible to hear.

    I was reading our paper today and this reminded me of your Aviana...(this girl was a friend of many of my High School employees- such wonderful news.)


  12. Glad to hear Aviana's procedure went well and she's getting some rest.

  13. This is such great news!!! We will keep praying for the little butterfly!!

  14. Jen, that's great news!! Go Avi Go! She and I had a great time together on Monday. We read lots of stories and she was taking it all in, looking at me, then looking at the pictures in the book and back again. It was great!!
    Love, Auntie Sarah

  15. Dave and Jen;
    This is wonderful news, we are so happy for you and Aviana. They always say big surprises come out of little packages. Dave I've been keeping Mike informed and he says to send his love and prayers to you and Jen and especially to Aviana. Well our prayers are always with your and Aviana.

    Love always,
    Becci & Angela