Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Child Safety Locks

My friend Jen suggested the most perfect locks prior to Aviana’s arrival. It was a lock which was installed like any other, at cabinets, drawers, etc. The snazzy thing about this particular lock is you can simply swivel it to one side and waa laa, there is no more catching mechanism. No need to unscrew anything, it can be transformed in one second flat. She explained this is great for time in between children, once your kids grow up and do not require them, etc.

The child locks have always driven me crazy. I think it took me an abnormally long time to get somewhat used to them. Even 1 ½ years into having child locks, you could still hear a loud, “Ahhh, shit” echoing down any given hallway. Yes, we were still unfortunately swearing in front of the Little Miss, but trying hard not to.

I will never forget the day I first pulled on a cabinet and it simply opened. I looked inside like something had severely malfunctioned. I saw the post swiveled to the side and immediately asked Dave about it. He said he turned it, because Aviana would not be getting into the cabinets anytime soon.

This simple action tore my heart into pieces. I suggested we leave the locks in their normal position. Unlocked locks just felt strange. I never thought I would live for the day when I was requesting a child lock stay in place. I knew this was an unrealistic expectation and did not push the issue. I have never once unlocked one of these little contraptions myself.

I am noticing that slowly, but surely they are all magically becoming unlocked. With each pull of an unlocked cabinet, my heart breaks just a little bit more. I could never have fathomed in my wildest dreams that THIS would be the reason to disengage these little devices. I find it interesting how such a small piece of plastic can hold so much meaning!


  1. Your reaction to the locks is the same as mine. I couldn't help laughing at that. One time I was stuck in traffic, and I hear her pipe up "Dammit. Dees cars, they stopped. They won't go. I CAN'T go. DAMMIT!"

    I blame that one on her dad. ;)

  2. this makes total sense to me. I can only imagine; all of these lil changes make my heart heavy and I can see this would be a sad reason to have the doors open so easily--who knew you would ever wish for them to stay put :) Here's to wishing for more healing for your girl and she'll be trucking around home before we can believe it.

    support and prayers