Friday, August 7, 2009


I feel my brain is at maximum capacity. That being said, sometimes I cannot see the most basic of ideas. Sometimes, I feel as though I am barely above water and at any moment I might be pulled under.

Aviana is thoroughly bored to bits with her room. Why couldn’t I see this? Like I previously said, I just realized this fact once we took her for her first ride in the wheel…wagon.

Prior to the accident, a normal part of my daily activity was to buy something for Aviana, not some big, huge, item every single day, but something nonetheless. I have been severely struggling as I shop in any sort of arena. I have to refrain from going by any sort of toddler department. If I pass by a store that reminds me of Aviana, I have to turn the other way and fill my head with meaningless crap just to get by. It takes everything in my being to not look. I have had to break a three year habit virtually overnight!

Needless to say, it has been very difficult, because even the simplest of items can send me in point- the Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets harmlessly dwelling in the Costco cabinet next to all other adult processed chicken products. What I am trying to say is, she surrounds me, wrapped up in everything I do and everywhere I go!

Anyway, I am so good at going crazy on the background story. My point is Aviana’s room is SO BORING, we HAD to go shopping for items to spruce it up. I felt like a kid in a candy store. My eyes were wide with excitement and I was beyond thrilled at the challenge of purchasing items for this particular stage in Aviana’s life. Let’s just say we went slightly crazy, not completely, but slightly. I had not shopped for my baby girl in 6.75 weeks!! She has thoroughly enjoyed all of the toys and books we purchased.

She has made great advances in her progress. I feel she is suddenly doing so well, because of her recent ability to tolerate her feeds and of course, because of the newly purchased items. One small advancement on Aviana's part, quickly catapults me into a stronger, happier person who feels together we can conquer the world! I know that sounds extreme, but it is the absolute truth. This little 32 pound girl has the most amazing will to fight. I admire her in EVERY way possible.

While at UCD they said a great sign in a child when recovering is they will pull at their tubes. They said this action is completely purposeful and what they love to see. We always felt Aviana would be the type to rip at them. Now that she is finally feeling better, this was one of the first things she did. We are so proud of her with every sock covered swipe of that tube. There is a lot to be proud of, because I could not begin to count how many times she repeated this action yesterday.

Another realization: Aviana is bored with all items in her crib too, yes, even her beloved Lamby. I never thought I could say that. She proved me wrong. About two weeks prior to the accident we had new counter tops installed. The wonderful people who installed them came to the hospital last night to visit Aviana. They brought a big basket with books galore and a medium sized Minnie Mouse. I had previously received some Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals, but like I said failed to understand how much she needed them in her crib at that moment!

With my new found knowledge of her current situation, I carefully tore (who are we kidding, I ripped) the tags off and placed Minnie up next to her face. She was crying, because she was not able to grab Minnie with her left arm as she was laying on it. I assisted her and she honestly put a death grip on Minnie’s back. She then wrapped her right socked arm around the other side of Minnie and pulled her in so close that her cute little lips were touching Minnie’s face. She pet Minnie with her socked hand until she fell asleep. We all stood and watched in amazement with smiles plastered on our faces.

Mommy will be clueless no more. I had saved some party items to decorate her room on her birthday and have them ready to go for today. I never knew I was such a long winded person. I bet you may prefer when I blog from my phone. I have very little patience with that and end up writing two sentences :o)


  1. My tears of joy are flowing for you all...That picture! so so very sweet! She looks so peaceful with her little minnie. Thank you for posting! and we all LOVE your "long-winded" posts! We just love to get updates on this little girl who has captured our hearts forever!

  2. What you got there is one heck of a girl! ♥

  3. This is so precious.

    Becci & Angela

  4. Another Sacramento Guatemama here...I've been following your blog on a daily basis. I had the pleasure of seeing Avi at one of Sarah's famous Guatemala family events last spring. When I saw Avi that day, I could tell that she was a little one who is full of spunk! I'm thrilled to hear she is fighting those tubes. Great news! Go Avi! Hold on tight to Minnie and fight, fight, fight!

  5. What wonderful news! So happy to read your spunky little girl is growing tired of that hospital bed! May our great God bring her out of it soon!!!!! I'll be praying~!!!!

  6. I know she wants to get up and move now and she sure hates the tubes now. When I was there the day before yesterday she had pulled it out about 5-6 inches and I put it back in and being bored in her crib, I was showing her Mickey Mouse cartoons on my phone and she was very responsive to it and loved to watch up close. She is such an angel and I am so happy things are going much better for her.

  7. And the people said, "Amen!"

    Tina B.

  8. WOW she looks great . Thanks for updates :)

  9. A Hoosier Guatemama here. I'm rejoicing in the progress your sweet little Avi is showing. I'll be praying it continues.

  10. My name is Bekie and I am a friend of Sarah Ponds. I have been praying for Aviana and your family since shortly after the accident. Sarah called me and asked me to pray. I am so glad to see she is doing these things! I pray she continues to progress quickly! God bless you all!

  11. go girl go! every day is a new day full of God's promises. bless you and Aviana.

  12. This picture is priceless. Jen, I am thankful for every update you share with us and I like the long ones! My continued good thoughts and prayers for your beautiful angel :)

  13. I don't think you are winded at all. LOVE seeing and reading all about this precious angel :-)

  14. Long winded...NEVER, an amazing writer... ABSOLUTLY!! The way you write allows us all to feel as though we are there; only seeing it threw your eyes, and this I thank you for!
    I have never seen such a meaningful picture. I believe this is Avi's way of telling us all to hang in there...she is fighting hard, and nothing will stand in her way from being with the people she LOVES and ADORES.
    We LOVE you all very much! May god give you the strength that you share with us all each and every day!

    Love always,
    Amy and Freddy

  15. I love the picture you posted- it melted my heart.

    Your family continues to be in our prayers.