Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Normal

The first thought that entered my mind upon waking up this morning was Aviana. She was in her bed, sprawled out, blankets to her exact preference, bed head to high heaven, Lamby close by, you know, the norm. The morning haziness cleared and I quickly realized... that was life as it used to be! Now~ the bed is empty, she is in one position only to be moved by someone else, there is one blanket across her whether she likes it or not, slight bed head to her newly grown hair, Lamby hopefully close by, oh yes, that's right, the new normal. I must say, she is still a cute, sweetie pie wherever she may be!


  1. The new norm will look a lot more and more like the old norm as time goes by. You'll see.



  2. so cute, she is; here's to the new normal being the best normal as time goes on :) your world and hers has been rocked so glad to hear the feedings went well; my girl has a lamby she sleeps with; it is what she picked as her lovey so long ago; new ones come and go, but lamby is forever in that mix.

    hugs and prayers

  3. She looks so cute in the "new norm" picture. Hoping you get to bring her home REALLY soon!

  4. The New Normal is absolutely adorable. Life is full of changes, and you are embracing all of it with grace!

  5. The New Normal may feel awkward...but there is truly NO standard normal for any of us....

    Moments can change our "normal" forever ....

    You are doing an excellent job taking on and fighting for your "new normal" Aviana...and she will blow 'this' 'new normal' out of the water soon and YOU will have to readjust again! wink


  6. She does look precious in the second picture. I sure miss those pigtails, though! Things are already headed back to normal. Little by little, day by day.

  7. Your beautiful little girls sleeps in God's peace, no matter where or how. Amen.

    Tina B.

  8. Hang in there Jen! You all have a lot of living left to do!