Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Day In The Life~Take 4

Take 4~ unbelievable! Early on, there had been so many times which led us to believe we would never have made it to this point. Well, we are here and we are so grateful for every hoop that Aviana has jumped through!

I was extremely nervous about Aviana's transition back to UCD. It took her approximately 2 1/2 days to calm down when moved to Kaiser. She was shaken up and it was one of the most difficult things to have to stand by and watch. Her heart rate would go so incredibly high and she would arch her back. Terrifying!

I had my very first trip in an ambulance, in the front seat of course, but I could still talk to her a little. I think she was also able to hear my voice as I talked to the ambulance driver. You know covering the basics like: How do you turn the lights on? Can we turn the lights on? Do you have an incredible appreciation for life based on all of the awful things you see on a daily basis? etc.

We arrived at UCD in the emergency department. Dave met us at the door. We walked through and I felt as though I were in a movie. One of the strangest experiences of my life. The gurneys were lined up all down and around the halls. It was such a sad sight. Aviana did extremely well. She cried a little on the ride.

We arrived at our room and I immediately sat in a chair and held her tightly. She was doing unbelievably well and was even about to fall asleep. She suddenly threw up all over both her and me. I felt badly. They had given her medications just before we left and I think the bumpy ride upset her stomach. Dave and I gave her a bath and got her all settled in. I could not believe how well she adjusted. Did she find Davis familiar in some way from her prior visit? Is she just able to adapt better to transition? I don’t know, but I was happy as a clam.

The only downfall, I was convinced Aviana’s room smelled like dirty socks. Up at the window...dirty socks. At the crib....dirty socks. At the sink...dirty socks. Everywhere I went....dirty socks. I did not understand, I did not smell this upon entering the room. We were walking down the hall and into the elevator...dirty socks. I couldn't help but wonder why UCD smelled of dirty socks???? I was mystified. This dilemma was unfortunately quite consuming. I think Dave was tired of me talking about it : ) Finally, we got into our car...dirty socks. I said, "OK, what the hell is going on!" Halfway home, I finally figured it out...it was ME the entire time. I smelled like dirty socks.

I had forgotten that Aviana threw up all down the left side of my tank top. I bet you all saw this coming didn't you?!? All the nurses had changed shift about a half hour after our arrival. The new nurses and doctors must have been holding their noses behind my back :o)

Anyway, Aviana has been very calm in her new digs and for that I am thanking my lucky stars. The new rule is plain and simple and will be in place for the rest of our lives. If she is happy, we are happy! OK, I already need to make a disclaimer to the new rule. She won’t be all that happy when all of us are working her.....if we are doing what is best for her at all times, then I am happy!

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