Friday, February 24, 2012

Yep, That's what I'm Talking About!

We start by eating ; )

This one was called, 

That's Just Peachy

Reason being ~ we had a few problems with it. Apparently, people still liked this bad boy!

I don't personally like peach pie.

That same night, after the Peach ~ we created this epic fail! It was a made up pie, and aside from the awesome cookie crust and the whip cream....let's just say ~ it was trashed.

I can't tell you the names for this one. They were too nasty to publish. I'll give you our G rated version though...

She Wore a Raspberry Sorbet Pie

 Not to be confused with our, She Wore a Raspberry Beret Pie
(which was the best pie EVA)

This was us trying to somehow fix it. Adding whip cream and chocolate to anything seemed like a reasonable attempt to us ; )

Next up ~ I always wanted to try these Mason Jar pies. We had left over pumpkin cream cheese mix, so I gave it a whirl.

Pumpkin Pie in a Pot!?!

I added some whip cream, and these came out really good!

My mom saw these on a show and wanted me to give them a try. I had some left over chocolate ganache, so I did. 

Chempenada Por Tu'

Although it sprung a leak, it was really good!
 Dave chowed the whole thing down (sans one starter bite) and brought the empty plate back in from the office. I said, hey! Where's my bites?!? He said he thought I made two, and was eating mine in the kitchen!

We're getting pretty creative at sneaking baked goods ; )

This would be Round Two of the ~

Mmm....Mmm...Good....Chocolatey Chocolate Pie! 

Beautiful, and tasted great, but oozed out the sides. 

Grrrr!!!!!  Those darn cream pies!

This is the one we made, as I was blogging at all hours of last night.

I'm sure you could tell by how many Beatles and John Lennon quotes I sprinkle throughout this blog, I'm a huge fan. So much so, that my whole room, floor to ceiling, in high school was -

The Beatles

For that reason, this one was called...

Blackberry Singing in the Dead of Night...
Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

I always lose a few while waiting for the pie to come out of the oven!

They look so much prettier in their before pictures ; ) 

Have we all had enough of the birds as props? I decided from now on, we're going to take this pie show on the road. 

Did you guys know we have a fish? 

Backstory: Aviana was in the hospital for her 3rd birthday. Sadly, we had her party there. Dave's brother Rob (one of my favorite people on earth) brought Avi a Chinese Fighting Fish. As he handed him to us, he said, "A fighter for a fighter." I will never forget. I just love him!

We affectionately named him Señor Fish Face, and he has been a wonderful addition to our family.

It has since been 2.5 years and I have to say, just about every two days...I think he's dead, get seriously depressed, tap his bowl and miraculously ~ he swims up and says, "Mama, don't worry, I'm ok!"

I love you Señor! 

I'll leave you with this ; )


  1. yummmmmmm love all those PIES!!!
    we seriously gotta talk some pie :)

  2. I am way to pregnant to be looking at this. It is really tempting to send Adam out to get every pie and cake they have at the store. ;)