Friday, February 24, 2012

Cows are for Calves

One of the very best things we ever did for Aviana, was eliminate all dairy products from her diet. Through the guidance of The Institutes, we transformed our very sickly, seriously overweight child into a lean, mean fighting machine, complete with long flowing and growing hair and nails.

Aviana's diet is the single greatest thing we learned at The Institute.  I receive their newsletters and wanted to share the following with you. My hope is in answering the question ~ why have we removed all dairy from her diet....that is, with the exception of a few bites of pie here and there ; )

Why Dairy Products are Harmful for Your Child

Some of our favorite "comfort foods" turn out to be very uncomfortable for the human body. When mothers come to us for nutritional help, the first thing we do is eliminate all dairy products. This rarely makes us popular, but once mother sees the improvement in her children's health she becomes a strong advocate of a dairy-free nutritional program.

Why are dairy products such a problem for the human body?

Dairy products are derived from cow's milk, which is a highly specialized baby formula designed for baby cows but not for baby human beings (or adults). It contains special hormones for baby cows that are not good for humans, which is why even "organic milk" is not good for your child.  

Cow's milk that is not "organic" contains antibiotics and growth hormones to increase milk production. These are especially bad for very young human beings whose immune systems can be fragile.

Cow's milk contains casein. This may react with the opiate receptors in the temporal lobes of the brain, which are involved with speech and auditory integration. This reaction can mimic the effect of opiate drugs and can negatively impact speech and auditory integration. It is worth noting that the peptide from milk is called casomorphin.

Initially, mothers are afraid to stop dairy products, but they soon discover that noses stop running, chronic ear infections disappear, and those black circles under their children's eyes go away. The trips to the doctor decrease and appetite, sleep, and behavior often improve. For some children, understanding and language improve as well. 

Here is a challenge: Put a dot on your calendar today and another one exactly six weeks from now. Eliminate all dairy products starting today, and when you come to that second dot six weeks from now, ask yourself what changed. If there are clear changes for the better, you have your answer. You will have taken the first step in creating a much better nutritional program for your child. Keep it up, and let us know how you are doing.


    i am struggling with an internal/external arguement about dairy products..........which i LOVE love well as other foods that may or may not be good for us

    this news letter is very timely & helpful. PLEASE SHARE any more nutritional items you have learned from the Institute :)

  2. Omg....I so want to try this, but my kids love cereal!! Thanks for sharing!