Friday, February 24, 2012

Love This Family

It's Potty Time

Yep, Rainey lays on her lap.

She provides moral support!

Dave's sister and husband stayed with us last weekend and we wore Aviana out. This was at sushi ; )

She did that, not us : )

Oh Nana ~ How I love thee...

Aviana is so relaxed with my Uncle Roger. He was talking to Ashton about his impending trip to Portugal, and Avi was out!

Our little family.

Her hair!

Why hello...


  1. What a beautiful family you have! If I could have any dog I would want yours. How do you get so lucky picking out your dogs?

  2. I just love the pic of Avi and Rainey asleep on your bed. They look so cuddly and loved!

    And, I love all the pie posts and pics. I want just one bite of all of them, but I imagine it's like eating potato chips.

    My baby is going to be here another month.....and then she's going to Rehab.


  3. I was reading through your blog (you're going on a blog spree and I LOVE it when that happens!) and was looking at this post. Valentina looked and said "who's that?" I said "who do you think it is?" She goes "AVIANA!!!!" When it showed Dave holding Aviana Valentina said "LOOK! That's her dad!" So then I went through and read your pie post and she goes "there's Aviana's mom, Jen!" THEN she asked me a question that had me stumped and I told her we'd have to ask you.

    Does Aviana like your pie?

  4. senor fish face is missing in the family pic!!!

  5. Beautiful family :)