Friday, February 24, 2012


Is Aviana's surgery scheduled?

We go back in on the 28th of this month. Aviana's doctor is going to re-examine her head, and compare it to the new scan. He's then going to decide when, and how to proceed.

Is Aviana going to have her head shaved again?

Her doctor said he will either shave a little track, or use her existing scars. So, I'm happy to announce ~ Aviana will be Pantene ready, soon after surgery ; )

Please tell me you have watched Pushing Daisies.

I've never seen the show, but as I was searching YouTube for a particular pie video, a clip of that show came up. After seeing the clip, and hearing you speak of the show, I've just got to see it!! 

I thought it funny when you talked about The Pie Hole. Over in these parts, we like to say, "Shut Your Pie Hole." Because we use all whole ingredients, we came up with a great name for our shop...tell me what you think ~ Shut Your Whole Pie Hole! 

Ha! Funny? No....

What kind of dog is Rainey? Our dog looks EXACTLY like her!!

Rainey is of the crazy variety. Can't you tell...

Uh hum...excuse me, what do you think you're doing?


Rainey is a mutt. She's just like we like them...a little of this, a little of that, and who knows what else ; )  We do know she's Lab, Pitbull and maybe some Plott Hound. All I do know for sure though is, whatever she is...she's absolutely perfect.

Amy ~ I'm amazed by what they told you about your dog! I'd love to see pictures ; )

So when's the opening date for the pie shop? How does one pick a favorite?

We're working up a storm (just now taking a pie out of the oven) and trying our best to be consistent. Until then, we won't be thinking about a shop. Pie is a little frustrating to me, but frustrating things are challenging and cause me to lose sleep in order to conquer ; ) There's too much grey in pies. I like things that are precise and black and white. It's mind boggling how much grey I have in my life now. I think someone's trying to tell me something...learn to deal with it ; ) 

Pie drives me crazy, because you can follow a recipe verbatim, and the darn thing might just come out differently each time. We're pretty good at the fruit pies, it's the cream ones that make me want to take a fork and gauge my eyeballs out!! We struggle with these delightful, little monsters. They taste amazing, but when we cut into them, they tend to ooze. So...more research, more practice. Once we get our consistency down, we're golden.

How does one choose a favorite? Well, I'd have to say...make them all (or we'll make them for you) and then, eat them all. Then, narrow it down to 10, and then, try them all again. Narrow it to 4, and then try them all again. Then, go back and forth between 2, and then, back and forth a few more times, just to be sure. Then, pick your very favorite. Then, make sure to try the others throughout the week, to be sure your favorite hasn't changed.

And then, get your butt to the gym!

What can Aviana do?

She can look at you, and eat and drink by mouth. Sometimes, we can put a spoon in her hand, and she will slowly guide it towards her mouth. She can also sit on the potty by herself, and often times, go. That's about all. 

She stopped moving on the floor. She can't talk, walk, crawl, or smile. She can only hold her head up for a very little while. She can't reach for things. She can't play with any toys. She can't really hold anything. I don't mean to sound negative, I'm just telling the truth.

I'll share one of my saddest running thoughts, of which I try not to think about ~ if I laid her on the couch, left for 12 hours and returned, she would be in the same exact spot. That is unless I didn't place her with care, and she tipped over, or unless she had one of the many seizures she has a day, and somehow fell over. Truth. Sad, isn't it? 

You may remember, when Aviana was well ~ I always wished she would stay still. I learned to be careful what you wish for.

How does one possibly wrap one's head around that? I've learned. For me, the answer is ~ 

You don't. 

You can't. 


It's not worth it to even try.

That, my fine feathered friends, is the reason we immerse ourselves in pie, dogs, laughing, music, acting crazy, trips, etc. The weight of the reality we witness each day is just too heavy! For the first few years, we tried to solely carry that load, it crushed us. The Brain Injury Beast is strong. He wants nothing more than to chew us up, and spit us out. Fighting that bastard is a moment by moment choice. We now try to balance the Aviana piece of the puzzle, in order to survive.

We're constantly and consciously working towards loving Aviana for who she is, and not what she can do. She's simply the most beautiful, sweetest mannered, soul. We love that little Meek Meester so very much!

There are still a few more questions, but I suppose I should try and get some sleep.

Night All.


  1. Love, love, love your name for your pie store!!!!! One question - when does Avi start school? I have been praying that this would open new doors for her with increased and different stimuli and give you a much needed, much deserved break. You and your husband are amazing!

  2. have a great friday...maybe you need to make a friday themed pie...
    how about a key lime pie with a hint of jose quervo...and a little sea salt on the entire rim of the pie crust. :) Margarita Meringue Pie!!!!

    If you open the shop and make it big with the Margarita Meringue...please give me props! :)

  3. my god, I think I am going to attempt this pie. It really sounds good... yep, I am now talking to myself in your comments section. LOLZ...