Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When it Rains...

Every six months since the accident, we have an extensive blood work up done on Aviana. At that time, we also have a heavy metals test done on her hair, meaning I cut about seven chunks of it out and send it to a lab.

With each return of the results, there are things we work on. For instance ~ if her tin levels come in high, we realize we were accidentally using tin foil in some of the food preparation, and instead use parchment paper from then on out. Another example is when her mercury levels were high, we stopped feeding her fish, and they went down.

Funny story ~ her titanium levels were really high, and as we were reviewing everything, our advocate at The Institute momentarily forgot Aviana had all those lovely plates and screws looming above. We had a good laugh..."Sorry Leia, we won't be able to work on that one!" Anyways, as a result of her tests, there's always something we can do to help Aviana's levels get back in order.

There's one thing though that has given us the most problems, her ALT, or her liver number. The normal range is 36 and below. She is usually around 72, and has been as high as 78. We have tried for over two years to get that number down through modified activity, lots of supplements, and diet. We always include liver supporting foods within her meals, which are things like dandelion greens, beets, daikon radish, etc. 

About 8 months ago, one of her doctors said if we couldn't get it down far enough, we would need to biopsy her liver...yuck :o(  We tried like hell to get the number down. Six months ago when we tested, she was as low as she has been, which is still high, but her number was 63.

A few weeks ago, and on the same day as neurology, and MRI...(Kaiser marathon), I had the whole slew of blood work done as well. Can you believe they take about 11-12 vials of blood each time!?! My girl...she endures more than anyone I know ;o(

I just got the results the other day...

Biopsy it is. Her number came in at 72. The process grosses me out. Can't our little one be left alone? She's been through too much, and too many surgeries.

Hopefully they can do it at the same time as her head...they probably can, and if not, my innermost tiger is going to show its man eating, jugular gnariling fangs : )


  1. Geez! Can sheget a break already??? Is she on seizure meds, Jen?

  2. thats right bring on the tiger, why make her deal with any extra good lord it seems like they should be able to coordinate both at the same time so she can just rest thru it.

    If you have time and have any ideas please let me know, if you don't I understand I cannot imagine walking in your shoes and I don't want to. We've had a new adoption into our family, well Joe's cousin. She has adopted a little boy who is 3 years old obviousley spent alot of his life laying on the back of his head. I think cognitively he is probably there, but I would guess he has some form of cerebal palsy. He has no control over his body but is not spastic just limp. he has a g-tube and I think she also has to suction out his lungs. Anyway, so he is a new member of the family so we are goign to give a shower. Do you have any idea's of things that would make a good gift? I mean most toys that are at his level are baby toys which isn't right, and Meagan (the new mom) is embarassed that we are giving her a shower and isn't much help. Just wanting to know if there's anything you have come across that would be a nice gift. Meagan is a nurse and was working with him in a foster home which is how she met him, so she is knowledgable, a little strange but not in a bad way.

  3. Hi Shauna ~

    She hasn't been on Baclofen since January 2010, or Clonazepam since about May 2010. She only has supplements on deck. Poor little Meek Meek : (

  4. I remember him saying it might have nothing to do with the accident, and be inherited from her parents, or maybe even her being from Guatemala? I'll find out more soon...whether I like it or not : )

  5. Oy Vey AVI!!!

    truly she is a trooper! definitely bring out your mama-tiger and INSIST it be done that way :)

    thinking of you all and sending constant pvs your way <3

  6. Hi Jen,

    My son is on seizure meds and I'm often worried about his liver. I heard on Dr. Oz that "Milk Thistle" is good at detoxifying the liver. I'm thinking of using it and I wanted to share this info with you. Hope it helps.