Friday, February 3, 2012

For the Love of Pie!

What makes us feel most alive lately? Making pie. Plain and simple. When we make pie, all our troubles fall away. As we plan, create, mix, and bake ~ all becomes right with the world. 

We have been practicing, practicing, practicing. Why? Because we have decided to open our very own pie shop : ) I'm not sure of exactly when, but it's going to happen! We have immersed ourselves in everything pie. We've been busy researching, testing, trying, working, and repeat.

Our pies are made from scratch and include the highest quality, all organic, whole ingredients. Woo Hoo. Above all, each one is created in a fun and loving environment ; )

There are times when we create up to three different pies in a week's time. The only downfall is, our waistlines are reflecting our efforts. We should make one called, "Pudgy Pig Pie!" Ha Ha. We give as much away as possible, but gosh!

I know I have shared some of our creations in the past. I can't sleep, so I decided to show you some more.

These are another of our Triple Berry Pie. We named this one...

"Snozzberries? Who Ever Heard of a Snozzberry?"

We made this one around the beginning of the year and have dueling names...

"I Squirt Lemon in My Eye Pie"


"Meringue in the New Year"

This one is going to be our signature pie, as it is filled with one of our favorite fruits....pears! This one also has two names. My friend Amy comes over every Wednesday, and amongst other fun things, we bake. As we were thinking of a name for this one, Dave affectionately named it,

"We Make the Perfect Pair Pie"

Awww.....he's so sweet!

To all of our South Park fans, we were paying homage to Cartman with our other name  ~

"No Kitty. This is My Pear Pie!"

Guess what? We not only make pies, but have added Crostatas to our menu. We tried these for the first time and made a batch of chocolate/orange and chocolate/sea salt. They were really good ; )

"One Crostata, Two Crostata, Crunch"

I didn't want to share these next pictures with you, but if we show you the good, we must show you the bad and the ugly! Our cream pies are still a little rocky! They taste amazing, but our consistency is off and needs a ton of work! In college, I worked at Marie Callender's and developed a true love of "real" whip cream. I made a batch and stored it in the fridge in a pastry bag. As you can tell that was a failure. 
Wa wa waaaa. 

We have since purchased a whip cream dispenser and done a lot more research. I am hoping to show you some stellar looking cream pies in the future, but for now....

Due to the breakdown of this pie, we called it...

"The Diet Cocoa of Chocolate Cream Pie"

In keeping with the cream pie theme, we channeled Gwen Stefani in the naming of this one...

"This Sh@t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S"

 After seeing the above two pies, I'm sure you might be asking yourselves, can we really trust... 

Two Girls and a Guy Pie?

My hair always seems to be in Amy's face, and this created a mustache ; )

See, we can be serious.

Well, at least for one shot. Yep, we still love the "Romy and Michelle" pose. We've been sporting this look since high school!

Hmmm...maybe you can?

Hopefully, you can ; )

We can't forget one of the all-time greats with this one....

"She Wore a Raspberry Beret Pie"

And by the way, my Uncle Roger has signed on to be our barista. He has taken us to his favorite coffee shop downtown and creations like this are our inspiration...

Speaking of inspiration, I'm sure hoping to be able to create something like my favorite device, just for fun!

Oops, can't forget my Rainey Pie ; )

And...I'm spent.

Night all.

Happy Friday!


  1. ohmy gosh you guys are crazy, I think Thanksgiving and Christmas were great but because I had to make 1 pie they weren't as great, I HATE making them, but I do love to eat them! We have the same dishes, too funny, I wish I coudl find more as some of mine have died.
    So awesome that you guys will be official Pie makers.

  2. I think pies will be the new cupcakes and pies are sooooo much better! We could be your taste testers or your focus group.


  3. I love the 2 Girls and a Guy... That should be the name of the shop! :0) 2 Girls and a Guy Pies! They look amazing Jen!

  4. I think that is wonderful Jen! The new Marie Callendar (but better... pear pie, oh yum!) Ok - so you have to come up with a peanut butter and chocolate cream pie. Tha was my favortie when we worked at M.C. but then they took it off the menu! :( and I have never found another quite like it.


  5. I am loving this idea and also loving the name 2 Girls and a Guy Pies!

    Small request, do you think you can maybe try making a couple variations of sugar free pies or no sugar added for the diabetics? Dave loves pies but being diabetic it is hard to find ones with no sugar added. I manage to find them at the holidays- pumpkin mostly, which he loves but he also loves a good apple or anything else pie related!

    You are amazing my dear ♥

  6. I love your pies and your ideas! It would be so great to have your own pie shop someday! I know that it would be a great success. Plus it looks like so much fun to be baking in that house! :)

  7. those pies ALL look YUMMY!
    and y'all look like you're having FUN!!!!'s a whipped cream hint:
    in the bars they make fresh whipped cream and then they put it in a strainer over a bowl in the fridge so while it's sitting the water has a place to drain out and you are left with PERFECT whipped cream! :)

    will you make me a pie when i come to visit?!?! :) yummmmmmmm ...i dram of pie

  8. Please tell me you have watched Pushing Daisies. I fell in love with pie while watching that show and have often thought of opening my own Pie Hole since there are no good pie shops around here. That last pie especially looks amazing! You are making me hungry!

  9. Jen, I saw this and thought about your new adventure.
    Looking forward to taste-testing! Amy