Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guilty as Charged!

I have a guilty pleasure. No, not the fact that I watch Jersey Shore, and have a huge crush on Pauly D. Well, yeah that's definitely one of them too, but it's another. I'm, often times, embarrassed of it. I love mindless magazines like People or Us Weekly. Actually, People is only 3/4 mindless, but anyway, I hide them like an addict hides their stash!

I stroll past the shelves and tell myself, "Keep strolling chick! Don't. Don't do it. It's garbage. Do you really care who wore it better?" Apparently, I do. Gravity, or energy, or crack, or whatever ~ pulls me in (I swear!) and I buy them from time to time. I wish you could see the way I throw it in my cart and look away as it's making its trashy way through checkout. But then, Groupon offered a 6 month subscription for cheap. How dare they?!? You mean, secretly delivered straight to my house and for hardly anything?!? I'll take it! I didn't even hesitate. I was all over it!



Since the mood has been on the heavier side these past few posts, I figured I would lighten it up. I'm hoping you will play, "What's in My Bag" with me! Come on, it's much easier than acting out, Stars - They're Just Like Us...which I've been dying to one day post my very own version. That's just plain silly!

Come on peeps! Grab your purse, wallet, whatever and tell me what's in it ;o)

Enquiring minds want to know : )


Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

I mean...tell me if you'd like.


  1. ok...i will give you TWO versions.....

    my little mickey purse wallet (everywhere i go):
    extra Phone Battery
    a Purple Pen
    Burt's Bees Lip shimmer
    my id wallet (DL, ATM Card, Ins Card, CostcoCard)
    my giftcard wallet (UltaClub card, B&N KidsClubCard, SubsMovieClub, RaveGift Card, BestBuy GiftCard)
    one $1
    one penny
    one nickle
    one quarter

    my backpack:
    Canon Rebel
    handheld scanner
    scanner software
    portable external harddrive
    2nd portable external harddrive (that is supposed to be in a safe fireproof box somewhere)
    Ulta Buxom Lips lipgloss
    a Purple pen
    a sharpie - cuz u never know when u will see GFA (or someone)
    emergency bag (nailclippers, tweezers, bandaids, neosporin, asthma meds, migrane meds (not the strong stuff like you have), tiny tiny mirror)
    extra underwears cuz if you are in an accident you want to have clean ones ;)
    hair comb
    camera lens cleaner i ONLY CARRY the essentials everywhere i go

  2. in the back pack.....'pad' should have said 'iPad'

  3. Um, call me guilty then. Sometimes I intentionally choose the longer lines at the grocery store so I can quickly read through US and/or People. And don't let there be anybody from Teen Mom on the cover because I have to know the dirt. If this is wrong I don't wanna be right. And People is like regular news because it has stories about real people so it's not that Trashy. It's InTouch that I'm a little skeptical about.

    Anyway...purse contents...(you're lucky I just cleaned out my purse, otherwise we'd be here foreva!)

    A big fat wallet with no cash in it.
    A Coach wristlets full of cards (gift cards, punch cards, membership cards, tiny coupons, etc)
    A datebook/calendar
    Two travel size tubes of lotion - one Jergens and one Vaseline intensive care
    2 tampons, (let's just be honest)
    2 sparkly lip glosses and a Chapstick
    2 pairs of sunglasses - 1 black rimmed, one gold rimmed
    And a few receipts have already made their way back into the dark whole that is my purse.
    What's up with my thing for 2's?

  4. Yup guilty too - got to have at least one new magazine for the weekend during the kids naptime.

    Lot's of crumbs, for some reason ziplock baggies of snacks for the kids never make their way out of my purse, then become crushed and the baggies break. I could probably just take them out and avoid this problem!

    About 10 tubes of lipstick/gloss, only one of which I think looks good on me. I keep buying them and then they look way different then in the store (must be the florescent lighting)

    Wallet, various cards including my business cards. (was very proud when I acheived a career in which I have my own business card, kind of dorky, but true).

    Pharmacy - A cop would probably wonder about me if they searched my purse. I get really bad headaches so I have a big variety of pain pills depending on the type of headache. Then there's the pepto which I have religiously carried with me since Jimmy's accident. My newest fun addition Meclizine.

    An Apple

    A can of Amy's Lentil/Veg soup. (for work i don't always carry soup with me)

    A sight word card that Kaylie gave to me and told me I had to show all my friends at work the new word I learned.

    Notebook and lists. I am obsessed with making list and lists and lists.

    If it were the weekend i would add, flushable wipes, juices cups, blue bear, Hot Wheels cars, snotty tissues (never ending colds lately), bottle of childrens tylenol, filled snack baggies, etc...

    Love you,

  5. Keys
    Sunglasses (Rx and Regular ones)
    Makeup bag (that won't close cause I've got too much stuff in it)
    Business Cards (for both my weekday job and my photography business)
    Couple boxes of raisins
    a beaded snake keychain my 6 year old made me
    a seam ripper
    2 flash drives
    Taco Bell Receipt
    my W2 (from work)
    2 bottles of hand sanitizer (or "hanitizer" as my kids call it)


  6. Yep. Guilty. I especially love the issues where they show the celebs in candid shots on the beach in their bathing suits without all the touch-ups. And I'm like, "That's right, honey...where's your special lighting now? Ummm hmmm, that's what I thought!"

    in my purse:

    my Kindle
    4 hair bands
    2 pencils
    1 blue pen
    1 pad, 2 tampons
    crumbs of some sort
    mini calendar book
    nail clipper
    my wallet
    hair brush
    lip balm
    receipts from Target, the post office, and Staples

  7. i think the reason we like to read that stuff is its mostly mindless not stressful, life is stressful enough. My purse is tiny
    2 checkbooks (one that has tons of pictures of the kids tucked in it
    1 wallet with $11, and my couple credit cards, insurance cards
    the zipper pocket is full of lots more cards, I don't kwno why so many.
    mini hand sanitizer
    2 pens
    tiny nail polish
    tiny eyeglass repair kit, although I only wear those at night but you never knwo when you might need one
    small bottle that says tylenol but actually has aleve in it
    emery board I didn't know was in there
    car keys
    1 chucke cheese token (left over from a party last year?)
    2 year calander at a glance
    benedryl incase you get stung but dont' need the epi-pen
    outside zipper pocket:
    more cards
    3 lipgloss, different types
    little bag of beads that I used to make bracelets with

  8. How in the hell did I miss that Groupon offer?! Norm thought Valentina should have had her own version of "Who Wore It Better" when she and MY 10 year old arch nemesis, and Valentina's choir partner, wore the same dress to Christmas Eve mass. And when I say she's my 10 year old arch nemesis I mean she's 10 years old, not that I've had a grudge against her for 10 years. I've only known her for a few months, since Valentina joined choir. She just annoys the hell out of me, being a fame whore (yes, I understand that is an un-PC and inappropriate term for a child but nothing else will suffice) and always having to do a solo during practice. Her mom is just as annoying and "perfect" but for some reason the kid really sticks it to me. So the fact that she showed up at mass wearing the same dress as Valentina (we were at mass too so that in and of itself means Valentina won), well, it really pissed me off. I even had an imaginary argument with her and her mom about the dress. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I'm a 36 year old woman who WANTS to be mean to a 10 year old girl.....but I give myself credit for not actually getting in her face about it.

    So there. I know all about Who Wore It Better. And I'm not afraid to admit that I have a beef with a 10 year old...... who's a smartass.

  9. PS, you need to do a post where you take a picture and list everything in your purse, just like in the magazine :) And I consider People to be a cross between Us and Time. After all there's actual information in People (real life people, book reviews, etc....) so that's not really a guilty pleasure. Now In Touch......

  10. OMG, last comment I swear, but ShaunaQ, I honestly HAD NOT read your comment when I left mine!!! See? People really is informational and more along the lines of a newspaper :) I can't believe we both said In Touch was more trashy, haha!!!

  11. A mechanical pencil
    feminine items (just in case)
    another mechanical pencil
    my Tracfone (they've got kids getting off the school bus with phones cooler than mine, what's up with that?)
    a ponytail holder
    wintergreen life saver
    an eyeglass cleaning cloth in case I need to wipe my daughter's eyeglasses
    A 4 pack of Colgate wisp mini-toothbrushes, spearmint flavor of course
    Gold Bond hand sanitizer lotion, it lives up to the hype, it really doesn't dry my hands out
    a mini-pack of kleenex
    2 ink pens
    a wadded up kleenex, I won't call it used, but questionable