Friday, February 24, 2012

And Another...

Like I said, we start by eating.

MY GOSH this pie filling was over the moon! We decided to add vanilla paste (vanilla bean and extract perfectly concocted into a paste : ) instead of just plain vanilla extract. It was supremely good!

And Rainey too! 

Even the birds had to get in on this action.

This pie was made before the bird standoff.

I swear.

What lies beneath...

I don't know if you can see, but I said what the hell...and used the paste in place of the extract in the whip cream too. Once again...OH MY GOSH!! It was so good and so beautiful. The entire thing was flecked with vanilla bean!

Dave named this one, and I love it...

Banana Re-PIE-blic.

So beautiful.

So messy.

As hard as we tried, and as much as we researched, it oozed...bad ; (

Back to the books.

You too Avi ; )

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