Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Today, I was taking Aviana to the bathroom, while talking to my dad on the phone. I wasn't paying perfect attention to Aviana. Once I looked down at her, I had a hard time believing my eyes...she had fallen asleep!

I was laughing, snapping pictures and still talking to my dad, all at the same time. 

By the time I was done with the pictures, believe it or not, she started snoring.

Oh my gosh!

I guess there's a first for everything.


Is there anything she does that isn't cute?


  1. i agree with avi.....when it's time to sleep ~ even a potty will do! (i am guilty of dozing off...ok alcohol induced dozing but still dozing nonetheless!)

    and you are absolutely right...i don't think there is a thing she does that isn't cute!

    the girlie has STYLE

  2. She is so cute!!! I love the snoring!!! Next time try to get that on video, while you're talking to you dad on the phone :)