Friday, February 10, 2012

The Evolution

I never once imagined having a blog. In that very same breath I say ~ thank God for this blog. In the beginning it served as our lifeline to all family and friends. When we found ourselves unable to speak, reach out, or explain ~ the blog was here for us, to help us, to aid us.

In the beginning, we used to provide daily updates on Aviana's condition and how we were coping. There was also a good bit of reflection on the little one we lost that terrible day. I would share everything from our deepest, darkest fears and decisions, to many of our past stories and memories. Above all, this blog has served as my vehicle in saying what this type of tragedy feels like.

Over time, I felt the blog veering off into another direction. At that time, I decided to appropriately change the name from Praying for Aviana to The Long and Winding Road. This blog became a chronicle of not only the happenings of Aviana, but also the story of how we as a family were striving to live through the unimaginable.

If ever you have wondered why there aren't more updates on Aviana, it's because there really isn't much to say : ( I wish I were writing about new and exciting improvements everyday, or even once a week, but the truth of the matter is a harsh one! With a heavy heart I'll say ~ the progress she has made, makes a snail look like a marathon's fastest runner. Nothing new happens on a daily, weekly, and often times, monthly basis. I must add, many of the tiny gains we do get, often times disappear almost as fast as they appeared.

What we are left with, is sharing about us as a family. We have made the decision to include how we cope with loss and grief. We try to also express the lessons we have learned through it all. I constantly ask myself, what is the point of going through something horrific without learning and sharing our experiences?

The sad and stark reality is ~ majority of couples in our situation divorce. We have at least two serious blows against us: we have suffered not only a truly tragic event, but also live each day caring for a child with severe disabilities. I feel blessed in this area, as we sought counseling immediately and have always followed the guidelines laid out before us. Without all the initial counseling, I'm not sure of exactly where we would be today.

This blog reflects what we do to get by, get stronger, and not only survive, but thrive. For this reason, we not only share what's going on with the Miki Feek, but also trips, concerts, our dog, things that make us smile, adventures in pie making and everything in between. We share because these are the very things that get us through this kind of life. Without them, we would be done for!

We have sustained the many twists and turns. Through the ups and downs, and ins and outs, and even when it sometimes doesn't look or feel like it - we are moving in a forward motion :O)

We thank you for sharing this journey with us!


  1. You and Dave are so blessed to have each other. You are wise to stay close and do things *together*.

  2. You have gifts to share that I think you are not fully aware of. I've watched couples drift apart and I bet they never figured out how it happened. The day to day stories, whether they include Aviana or not, are part of a patchwork quilt of how to live with grief...and maybe even thrive inspite of it. And, besides, I love the pictures, whether they're of Aviana, Rainey, or pie!

  3. Found your blog a few months ago. I enjoy it very much & root for avianna (you & your husband) daily. I also come for the Rainey pics! :)
    M in ny

  4. I could not be more happy to read this post! Because I love you...and I want you to use this in whatever way you want. But also because I am constantly thinking about you. I come to the blog more often than I comment, but I LOVE that you are literally only a few blocks away. When I drive on Opal, or Diamond Woods...I wanna just detour and surprise you for no reason! Let's start texting!! Love you and your amazing family of strength!

  5. Ditto to what Dixie said, pie!!! You've already heard how great I think you are, how amazing and loving and strong you are, but your pie skills? Now THOSE are something else!!!! Screw the blog and your journey, open your pie shop so I can come to the grand opening and finally taste them!!!!