Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Power of Now

As I've said before, Aviana's Elves served as a springboard in launching me into a more positive direction. From there, I've gone even higher and higher. 

Thank goodness 

I was feeling so good, that I wanted to do everything possible to make sure this happiness and contentment stuck. Towards the end of December, I decided to go back into the book vault and re-read one in particular.  I had a feeling this one was going to be the treasure I was looking for. 

I had previously read this book at a time when I didn't have any, what I like to call, real problems.  Life was moving along quite smoothly. I read this book in the fashion in which I used to read every book, fast. I understood the gist, but found it quite repetitive. I was impatient, so I remember thinking to myself, "okay already...I get it, I get it."

Once the next book, A New Earth, came out ~ I had minimal problems. I found that I liked it exactly in relation to how many more problems I was facing. Still, I was too inexperienced, or impatient in life to fully grasp the magnitude of what these books brought forth.

At the end of this past December, I was feeling good and decided it was time to kick it up a notch. I picked both books back up. I'm confident in saying ~ what I found within those pages will be carry me through the rest of my life. I read each book very slowly, so as not to let one concept or example pass me by. I applied every single word to my new life. I discovered how to use these techniques and apply them to, not only my everyday, but to my every minute. As I walk through each day, I have these various pages at the forefront of my mind.

A decision is made within every single difficult moment. These are definitely books I will revisit time and again. I catch myself falling into my old ways, and just like that...I have a choice to make. Majority of the time, I make the right one. By reacting in the right way, I am rewarded greatly. I've found that what's laid out for me is a beautiful life. A sucky situation has been guided, helped and aided by what lies between the front and back cover of each book!

Basically, it's about living in the Now. Yes. Easier said, than done...always. I've read them before, I've heard the concepts, I've tried, but these books really help you to best apply this way of thinking. These books have a way of dispelling all of the problems I had with being more successful before.

I highly recommend these books, for anyone. Anyone who is trying to find a better way to get through this thing called life! 

To me, they're a life saving, life altering, life giving, gift.

By the way, if you happen to be a Prime Member on Amazon, this book is part of the lending library : )

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  1. I will have to take a look at those books, I need them! Since I am thinking about it, wanted to tell you I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I think you said tomorrow is the day you go back into the doctor's with Avi, about her possible surgery, I'll be hoping eeything turns out better than you may expect.

    Love and hugs,
    Jess b.