Monday, August 29, 2011

Sporty Spice

For some reason, I thought Aviana looked super sporty in this outfit. You might not be able to see, but she had on a cute little white skirt with her shirt and when she lifted her head, her ponytail looked so cute on top of her head. 

Aviana has been changing over the past week. She has been trying to move her arms more, and through motion, has been asking for me to put her spoon in her hand while she is eating. Lately, she has become much more precise at getting it to her mouth.

Her movements have not only been changing, but her expressions have too. I love her face in the pictures below.

Our friend Christie gave her a blessed pi stone for her birthday. This particular stone promotes wholeness. Aviana has been sleeping with it under her pillow every night, and I don't know if it's that, but I honestly have noticed some small, subtle changes.

Thank you Christie. 

I ❤ you.  


  1. I've been praying for this news! My heart is smiling so big for you all!! And Avi does look sporty in the pics! I am now on the hunt for a "blessed pi stone"!

  2. Are you serious? :)!!!! Oh my gosh, that is SOOOOOOOOOOO COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! The BEST news ever! Keep it up Avi! Good things are happening in that little, amazing brain of hers. :)
    She looks adorable too.

  3. Yay for positive changes! Keep them coming Avi!!

  4. I see a type of 'release' in her facial muscles in the pictures. mostly in her cheeks.

    And....WOW....for all those changes SS!

    She's going to rock our world...I know it. Unfortunately, I am just the one that gets to "know it" ... not LIVE IT like you...

    BUt you are always on my mind and in my prayers. Always.


  5. I had such a bad day at work and then I came home and read this post and now I am smiling through my tears!

    I ♥ you tambien siempre!! Abrazos y besos mi amiga!!

  6. AMAZING and WONDERFUL! I agree with Andrea above.. her face has been changing in all the photos! And the spoon? (sigh) It takes my breath away. Love it, LOVE IT!
    Fi's mama

  7. Wonderful news. I cry when I read of any improvements for sweet Aviana, happy tears of course. Keep up the hard work, all of you. Hugs from afar!