Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Up until my post earlier this morning, this is how Aviana had been doing on the FC Board for the past month.

After that post, she of course, decided to prove me wrong, and had an awesome FC Board session with both my Mom and Gary here ;o)

Aviana and one of her best friends Avery.

When it was time for Avery and Addison to leave, Aviana started crying.

We do some lounging around.

Some napping.

Some practice Pantene commercials. A video will definitely follow this one later.

More laying around.

Rainey says, "Avi, do you want to play?"

"I guess she doesn't want to play, Mommy. Will you play with me?"

We have weigh in's. First Rainey...

Then Avi.

Can you tell who's missing from this exciting event ; )

We share corn.

We love on each other.

We bask in the sun at really cool restaurants in nurseries.

We slide off the bean bag, and then determine it is much more comfortable this way.

Do not read this if you are easily offended, or do not think this is appropriate material for my blog :o)

Read this if you are looking for a highlight in your day!

Thanks for sharing Andrea ; )

And then see them out and about!

We realize we can actually get dressed, and go places, outside the home, so we take pictures of our outfits to truly determine if this is what we should wear. This is a great way to really see what your outfit looks like.

This was my Sophie inspired, paying homage to the 80's outfit!

We think we are going to be asked to be in the Matrix Recovery movie!

So we practice our moves.

But then, we start to wonder if we are the right one for the part!

Seriously, we were at our friend's house and Dave had the worst hiccups ever. They told him to do this, and drink water up side down. It truly worked instantly!

And of course, I had to document this crazy behavior.

We decide if we are still capable of assembling an outfit for the clubs in Tahoe for a friend's birthday party.

I am always told there are no pictures of me on the blog. There are a few reasons for that...

1. I take the pictures.

2. I don't like pictures.

As you can tell, I am trying to be better about it lately!

I think this has become the best way to determine an outfit. I highly recommend it ; ) As you can tell, I think it's best to chop your face off! 

We get crazy ideas like, "Let's put Aviana on our backs and go hiking." We bought both, just to see which one will work best for Aviana, and her lack of head control.

Here is my cute little mom showing how monstrous this kid carrier is. This is the one we decided worked best for her because... 

She looks miserable in this one, and has almost no head support ;o(

We sometimes do our best Princess Leia. As you can see, it is Rainey approved.

We try to get better pics of the cuteness.

We swing.

At Aviana's request on the FC Board. She typed park and swing :o)

We spend time with Nana.

And some more with Rainey.

We take trips to Tahoe...

And text Dave pictures to show him that she prefers to be my right hand wo-man!

We relax and enjoy every bit of this break!

Every single bit!!


  1. Look at that hair! I know that diet can be a lot of work, but she is so healthy for it. Look at you, too! Dang, girl!

  2. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! and the captions crack me up!!! :))) I totally see Avi smiling in the swing picture! Her eyes and mouth are both smiling! She asked for something and got it... Bless you for giving your little girl the chance to communicate!! Love you guys!
    Fi's Mama (ps thanks for the mention ;))
    oops... pps WHEN do we get to read some/any of your chapter for the book???

  3. Your family is adorable and you are beautiful!

  4. So cute!! And you are smokin' hot in those boots!!! LOVE all the outfits you had on! Aviana looks so good. Love ya

  5. Love all the pics! Glad you all are getting this time together :) We love that super yummy place in the nursery!!

  6. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE...read the "chicken story" link.

    Quackin' hysterical :)

    (you are welcome for the link my love...that blogger made my WEEK...no my MONTH with that story. I think you and I could have some fun with a big ol' metal chicken!! )

    awe...I wanna honeymoon with you all! You are havin' fun :)

    And, fer real...I had t show my husband Avi's "Pantene" hair. Our Aven has "Fraggle Rock" hair...it's truly horrible and embarrassing for all of us (snicker) .... now we all have Avi hair-envy. thanks alot. [insert fraggle rock hair flip]

    enjoy the Moonin'... and you know what ELSE u are supposed to do on honeymoons..but..um..no pictures of 'that' please and thank you :)

    PS I like the adorably hot strapless shirt & long black pants outfit the BEST for Tahoe clubbin'!! You are a hot momma sweets!

  7. Awesome pictures! Thank you for giving us a little glimpse into your special time. You all look amazing and like you are taking advantage it. Good for you! Love it!

  8. Love all the pics! Glad you all are getting this time together :) We love that super yummy place in the nursery!! towel wholesale market in karachi , hp 15.6 business backpack price ,