Friday, August 5, 2011

Her Man

Sgt. Merenda came to visit us yesterday ;o) He texted me asking if I was home, and then knocked at the door 10 minutes later. There he was, the man that will be forever connected to our family. The man who never hesitated and jumped into action. The man who saved our little girl's life.
Sgt. Merenda was there for our family in our darkest moments, and we will be forever grateful. 

It was so nice seeing him, but can be extremely emotional at times, too. My mom happened to stop by while he was here, and it was really hard to hear the two of them talk about that day.

We have good times though too. We laugh, joke, talk, and just enjoy each others company ;o)  

Rainey loved him instantly. I felt like she was saying, "thank you for saving my sister."

Aviana took a tiny bit to warm up... 

and then she was good to go!

They were so sweet together.

I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Or thinking about the significance of their connection.

I love that man.
For everything he is,
and everything he does!

This is my favorite one for so many reasons!

He's not just her man, he is our man!


  1. They say dogs are the best judge of character. God bless that man.

  2. Love, love, love that you stayed so connected to him!!

  3. so appropriate.....he truly is HER MAN!!!! i'm hearing the lyrics right now. :)

  4. SO AMAZING! What a great guy.

  5. What an amazing MAN! God bless him.

  6. I really don't cry that often but this post really got me.

  7. These pictures are so touching and I too have tears rolling down my eyes. So sweet!